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Online Voice Chat not working after upgrade


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Hi, All. After updating Windows 10 Pro to 1909 version (clean install onto an unused 480GBSSD), my voice chat in game no longer works.

In troubleshooting, I verified that the function is mapped to the default N key. I verified that Online Options voice chat is On to Everyone. And I verified that the audio voice chat is on in the Settings Audio menu. I tried changing the key that the voice chat function is mapped to and that does not help. My windows settingas appear to be correct, altho I am going to test them with Skype, which I just thought of.

One thing that is slightly not standard is that when I went back to Rockstar to get the launcher after the upgrade, and installed it, thinking I would have to download the program, the launcher found the program on the old C: drive (now K:), and it ran from there. However, today, I reinstalled the game on the 480SSD (240GB partition) and the chat function is still inop.

I believe the voice chat has not worked from the time of upgrade, though I just discovered it.

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