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Help me pleaseeeeeee


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Hi All,
Hoping someone can help me because this is ridiculous.
Downloaded the game on 24th March and played for 19 hours. Already completed the game on PS4 but was loving a second slow playthrough in lockdown.
One random day the game stopped to open coming up with the error "red dead exited unexpectedly blah blah...." Safe mode didn't even open....same error.
Hunted through the internet and tried thousands upon thousands of different fixes that people recommend and swear by and still nothing. I have literally removed everypart of the game from my laptop and reinstalled from scratch. Removed ALL Rockstar games including GTA4 & 5 to try and get rid of all traces Rockstar before reinstalling through steam (who won't refund my money because as far as they're concerned...I've played it for 19 hours....understandable but frustrating)….
So now I'm at a stage where the game no longer opens and I no longer have any Read Dead folder in documents to edited any sort of settings.xml....that file no longer exists....I don't get to the shotguns at the start....nothing but black screen and crash....if anyone can help it would be MASSIVELY APPRECIATED....
SOME of the "fixes" I've attempted but I can guarantee to you this is not all:
- disable antivirus
- have antivirus enabled but with an exception for RDR2 & Launcher
- verify integrity in steam
- redownload launcher
- redownload steam
- redownload and install rdr2
- run as administrator (launcher, rdr2.exe, PLAYrdr2.exe) individually & together and in all possible combos
- disable full screen optimization
- update Nvidia graphics card (already had the latest)
- backdate Nvidia graphics card to version 441.12 (apparently this was a version released specifically for rdr2 - but the game says "please update to latest graphics card as this version doesn't run or some crap"
- uninstall / reinstall Nvidia GeForce experience
- update windows
- update BIOS (I have the latest)
- download GTA5 mod which apparently bypasses the Launcher if you change the RDR2.exe file name to GTA5.exe....well....waste of time
I can't think of any others right now but by all means list your ideas and I'll give it a go....or tell you I've already done it....I'm at a complete loss
My laptop is an ASUS ROG STRIX HERO - GL504GV with Nvidia RTX2060 graphics.....when the game was running it looked beautiful.....however...that seems about 10 reinstalls ago now.
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