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Sidequests question.



Hiyer guys, 

Yeah so just a quick question really, do sidequests taken on as Arthur carry over to John Marston? For example, Ive explored a LOT, mostly as John, but Ive yet to come across a single dinosaur bone or rock carving.

I'm really surprised I haven't at this stage, I don't want to cheat and use a guide, but I'm starting to wonder if maybe those things disappear once you're playing as John Marston. 

Many thanks.... 

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Most of the Stranger missions carry over to John, including the rock carvings and dinosaur bones (there are a few dinosaur bones in New Austin, which Arthur isn't supposed to access due to the Van der Linde gang being wanted in the southern part of West Elezabeth and New Austin). The only one that doesn't, which I'm aware of, is The Mercies of Knowledge which triggers during Chapter 4.

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