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Online mode crashes


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Well, here we are. After playing many hours my first day I bought the game… today the online mode doesn't stop of crashing. 

When I press to play, nothing happens, everything well. My carácter is loaded well, I can join to a group… but, after few minutes PUM it crash. My game stops working and it goes to launcher with no explanation, only an advertisment saying: Accept the f..issue, playing in secure mode or retry.

What I have to do? Why a game that cost 59 or 90€ in my case has to crash like sh*t games. Story mode Works perfectly and my computer is not the problema cause I have a very Good one.


Thanks for all

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Hi Budark and welcome to the forums.

I'm going to move your thread to the PC section of Online to see if you can get some answers.  I know you say your setup is not the problem but it may help others help you if you post you specs anyway.

I would also advise browsing through some of those threads to see if there may be a solution to your problem in what someone else may have shared previously.  Sorry I personally have no answers for you.

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