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Greetings People!

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Hey there,

 Here's a quick introduction to the former lurker, now member.

I've been gaming for over 40 years. I'm retired with a lot of time on my hands. If I was a character in the game, I'd be the strange, heavily tattooed woman, living out in the sticks away from everyone. The locals would most probably suspect me of being a witch. To say I'm physically anti-social is putting it mildly. The coronavirus lockdown?  A total doss for me. It's my preferred state of being.

That's not to say I'm unfriendly. I like human interaction. I'd just rather it wasn't in person.

Within hours of starting RDR2, it became my favourite game. (Move over the original Mass Effect.) I fell hard for Arthur,  just as I did with John.  Multi-player never really appealed to me before but my love of the game spurred me on. Honestly, I'm not sure how I feel about it. Rockstar prods us into becoming cash cows and, even once we've ponied up, all those desired items are in lockdown anyway.

Forty + years of gaming, along with my previous occupation has been ruinous to my hands. I'm in pain all the time and getting to the point where the thought of not being able to game terrifies me.  I always imagined I'd spend my twilight years in a Lazyboy, catheterised and tube fed while my eyes engaged in retinal gaming. Most games push their microtransactions as 'time savers' for those who have difficulty making time. I've plenty of that just no draught horse, no decent rifle, nor shotgun, not even a warm coat. Levelling is like pulling toenails with a pair of bolt cutters. My requirements are few but the grinding I'm having to do is ridiculous. It's not like I'm after dual-wield, auto handguns, or a snazzy outfit.

Don't get me wrong...I've seen players a lot worse than myself. Folks who wouldn't recognise strategy if it slapped them. Those folks who tried on the frontal assault on Fort Mercer yesterday would have all been sniped if I hadn't taken it upon myself to climb up to a parapet, with sod all cover fire assisting me, to take out the Del Lobo snipers before they rained down bullets on everyone else. Then there was the Horley mission where everyone charged off, obviously having played it before and knowing where to go, leaving me to listen to him waffle on. No sense of team spirit whatsoever.  *Sighs*

Anyhoo.... that's enough whinging from me. I'm not ashamed to admit that, despite my preference for going solo, I need help.

I'm gonna place a post in the Posse section. If anyone fancies taking me under their wing to give my hands a well deserved rest, you'll find my details there.

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You weren't wrong. Stout, tough, somewhat rugged, possibly weathered. And there is alliterationThe shortform 'BB' makes for an easy to distinguish call sign too. ;)

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