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Hi all,

Just joined this forum due to complete lack of anything official!

I'm a middle aged guy who's recently started online, and despite my uncomfortable feelings about PvP, I've taken on RDR2 Online with as vengeance. It's really good, despite the lack of many things we would all like to see.

I live in the UK, friendly, if a little overly pragmatic. I love to play my games slow, surely and take my time with scenarios rather than rush into them like an idiot.

Get in touch if you fancy a persistant posse with these things in mind, preferably with players 40+ although Im open to any "applicants" as long as they like to take it easy and do sad things like farm herbs (with occassional excitement 😜)



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Hi Lee and welcome to the forums.

I'd just ask that if you are interested in recruiting people for your posse, that you use our Posse Recruitment subforum located here:


Every member is allowed one thread each and you can read the specific guidelines for posting in that forum here:


Again, welcome to the site.

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