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Assassination missions


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These missions really confuse me. Ive had a few successful assassination missions, and tonight was the first time I was targeted. I went after him, and shot him with my two sawed off shotguns. Killed him and his horse. I figured that was the end of the mission. I killed my assassin. Done. But instead, he spawned literally 3 ft behind me, before I even knew he was there, he shot me dead. What the **** was that? So the rules are, the assassin has a timer that hes got to kill you under, but if you kill him, he can just keep coming after you until the timer expires? And I swear by Christ I have never spawned that close to anything after I die. Its ALWAYS a run back to my target, whether its a bandit camp or whatever. Its like, you have an assassin after you, and you manage to kill him, and that makes you feel all mighty in game. Immersive. Yknow? But instead, Rockstars stupid ****ing rules take that away from you and your just left feeling like you got screwed. I dunno. If you manage to down your assassin it should be OVER. He shouldnt have 5 more minutes to keep trying. 

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