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[PS4] Boulevard 64


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Boulevard 64 is the longest running R* based clan, having been founded in May 2006 in San Andreas Multiplayer.

We've been through SAMP, VCMP, GTA IV, GTA Online and since its beta release Red Dead Online.

Much of the Red Dead PS4 community knows us, as we've been active in posse wars (13 wins, 0 losses) since the beginning.

I wouldn't spent too much time elaborating B64 history etc, if you happen not to know us, you're always welcome to check 

Red Dead Online Roster:

- MBasileus (Founder)

- EnGiNeR (Founder)

- Maestro (Leader)

- NEVADA (Member)

- K_San-L_Stl (Member)

- BerettaBear (Member)

- Paresh (Member)

- SgtSavage (Member)

- Lambo557 (Muscle)

- Oak693awake (Muscle)

We will be looking to move to PS5 as soon as it hits the stores, and as of now we are opened to recruit some new blood.


* Must be 20+

* Must be skilled according to our standards

* Must be dedicated and loyal

* Must "fit" into b64 mentality


Have a nice day & stay safe ;)



1/19/21 (MODERATOR NOTE): OP hasn't come back to visit this site since around the time this thread was opened and / or for the last couple of months. Closing as a result for the sake of other members looking for active groups.

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I've updated the thread with roster and recruitment information.

Latest news ~ we had a very close war vs 7 Horsemen, our toughest match to date that came down to the last man standing.

End score B64 2 : 1 7HRS

Open challenge still stands [REMOVED]

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That's fine. 

Speaking of which, TNOB crew really showed up to get it in our newest match. It was a tight fight where we had to come from behind to secure 4 turfs and win the match. It was Hardcore Mode match with no Auto-aim.

Final score: B64 1 - 0 TNOB

Turf starts: B64 4 - 3 TNOB


Footage by MBasileus


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