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This is all wrong.


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In April, Dr. Birx admitted that A.) All deaths, regardless of cause, will be counted as a COVID-19 death if the patient tests positive and B.) she admitted that testing is ~50% inaccurate and errs on the side as counting patients as positive. On May 18th, (in recently released video/audio) Collin County, Texas officials had a meeting with NIH/CDC officials over new COVID-19 reporting guidelines. Within those guidelines, it states that if someone has had contact with someone who was positive for COVID-19, then that person is considered a “probable” case and is also reported in the accumulative case load (if you’re in the hospital, the hospital already considers that you’ve been exposed). Also, if someone has just one of the major symptoms (coughing, headache, fever, etc.) and no test was done, then that person can also be counted as a “probable” case and is still added to the overall case load. In addition, if someone dies of any cause while they’re considered a “probable” case, that death is counted as a COVID death. 

(I’m a nurse in Texas. We don’t do this for any other ailment)

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