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Trader role and how it functions/works???



Hello all,

So I've recently watched a YouTube video of someone doing a trade route both local and long distance routes (link below).

I was wondering a few things if anyone knows I'd appreciate the help.

1. How do you get 100/100 goods my crew and I only get 25/100 (maybe we need to get more supplies?)

2. In the video the guy seems to get 100/100 and local price is 62.50, yet when he has 50/100 or 25/100 it's still 62.50 and I imagine long distance is 78. So is there any reason at all to even wait until 100/100? Which is roughly 3 hours 20 mins (50 minutes for 25/100).

3. Would you all agree that they should make a persistent posse permanent with ranks so people can use the main camp at all times and would make the trader camp system more viable for crews, Especially if they add in a donation box system like in single player to help the camp purchase wagons and stuff?

Thanks long questions but definitely appreciate the help/input10. happymod 

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Hello,  you can buy bigger wagons as you unlock the role ranks.  When you reach rank 15 (I think)  you will unlock the large delivery wagon. /It's capacity is 100 and it costs $750. Doing a long delivery with full 100 capacity  with this wagon will net you just over $625.  When you do  deliveries you're vulnerable to attacks from griefers. When this happens to me I just disconnect from the server,  return to camp and start it again as Cripps still has the goods that need to be delivered. 

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As far as waiting for a full transport load, you will make more money but it does require more waiting time (obviously.)


Another strategy that people use is to do a sale as soon as they have 1 single good available. You won't make as much money but you get just as much Trader Exp for the Sale as you would for a full Sale. Using this method you can rank up the Trader Role pretty fast to get all the unlocks, and then the unlocks make earning more money easier.

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Another important fact: each 25 pts of goods increase sell price exponentially.

25pts is $62

50pts is $150

75pts is $300

100pts is $500

Just going from 50 to 52 jumps sale price by over $50.

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