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Help locating a beast please.


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Sorry if this is in the wrong part of the furum

Greetings all.  I hope somebody can help.  I've started Harriet's Animal field guide beginning with the animals from farmland habitats.  I've managed to get all but one animal stamped and as it doesn't reveal the name of the animal I don't know its  name,  however from its image I know it's either a cow or a bull.  

The bovine animals I've had stamped so far are

Florida cracker cow 

Angus Bull

Devon Bull

Hereford Bull

Angus Ox

I have spent ages going between Carmody Dell,  Emerald Ranch,  the farm just outside St Denis,  the farm on a slope with the thoroughfare in between near Lagras and I just cannot find the animal. 

Any help would be gratefully received. 




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On 8/2/2020 at 4:06 PM, Phalen said:

There is also a Devon Ox

Thank you.  I realised my mistake in thinking there was only one type of Devon.  I'd probably seen the ox loads of times before I realised there was an ox and a bull.  Thanks for taking the time to help. 

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The farm outside Lagras usually has them. If you're along the river looking up at the farm, there are the 2 main enclosures and a small one to the left. Oxen will be in the one on the right, and a bull will be in the small one to the left. That is the only place on the entire map I've found the Devon bull. Get what you want, ride to the North at least to the covered bridge and go back and often they will have respawned already.

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