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  1. Sadly, the player base at best will probably flatline, not increase, but with level 12's replacing level 300's and those level 12's won't have any respect for the game or other players having not played single player and having spent $5 for the game. How many of those new "standalone" players do you honestly think will last all that long? Once they realize that there's no space cannons or flying horses with lasers and that they have to either grind or pay real money for gold to open the roles up, they'll scurry back to GTAO damn quick lol. Same here brother...level 430, 1150 GB and 225K with 170 full collections sitting, and at this point all I feel is relieved that with no more streaks, I can free up 1/4 of my hard drive for other more deserving games. Actually, giving up on Gran Turismo(1 car added in 6 months) as well frees up over 50% of my hard drive...hello Cyberpunk and Assassin's Creed.
  2. Don't have to worry about that anymore...as of the first, streaks reset after 28 days and you get...a treasure map and RDO$ in exchange for not getting .5GB per daily anymore. Sounds about right for them. Now I know why the dumb online standalone release. Only way to keep their numbers up for the shareholders. Most long timers including myself have been playing ONLY to keep a streak going and hanging around with false hope that this update would add something to do and something to spend our money/gold on. Awesome that I will be able to do 10 more levels of bounties that suck, and buy some more hats. Say goodbye to a lot of loyal high level players for good, and hello to servers full of level 12's that never played the single player and who think this is GTAO in the west. Saddest part is many vets are actually happy because with no more streaks, they are no longer "stuck" logging in at all. Really sucks that we all know what this game could be, and have waited so long completely in vain. At least now I have no problem just deleting RDR2 and using the freed up space for something more worthwhile.
  3. These zombies aren't the unused ones from last year. They are all wearing red and black and there's a crapload of them. There's also going to be a mini Outlaw Pass for Halloween...2 versions actually. 20 Levels, one for free that gives about 5 items and one for 15 GB that gives 20 items, including an awesome spooky moonshine bar decor and a really killer machete. Oh, and no gold recoup on this pass.
  4. Playing more than ever right now as long as the 4 player sessions stay. So much to do it's almost overwhelming...constant random events(first ambushes since 2019, had forgot they even existed), trader is easy to do, and LA spawns that actually spawn(have about 12 of the ugly coats). Have had to train myself to play a bit differently though...with animal spawns working, I've had to learn that I don't need to shoot everything I see lol. Plus I'm building up the GB's for my St Denis mansion. I will have to slow down soon though. Level 410 with 166 full collections sitting and reading all over online about the high level glitch, I'm somewhat afraid to level up a lot more until that is figured out/fixed.
  5. The farm outside Lagras usually has them. If you're along the river looking up at the farm, there are the 2 main enclosures and a small one to the left. Oxen will be in the one on the right, and a bull will be in the small one to the left. That is the only place on the entire map I've found the Devon bull. Get what you want, ride to the North at least to the covered bridge and go back and often they will have respawned already.
  6. Looks like my game starting working again just minutes ago. Doing a collectible run near Brandywine and got the blue screen...reloaded in and there were animals and NPC's that I could auto aim. Didn't get a chance to kill anything...was so shocked a cougar wrecked me twice lol I also have a camp on my radar for the first time in days. Hopefully everyone else finds the same next log in. Nevermind, another blue screen right after posting this and right back to everything broken. What a damn tease...
  7. Wow, I guess I should have saved my complaining...after today's "FIX", I'd gladly go back to a zillion disconnects. Haven't had a server disconnect today, and all it cost in return was animals of any kind(hours of on/off playing and haven't even see a single rabbit yet), NPCs although a handful of wagons/canoes driving by themselves, horses(for a while mine was there, but I just walked right through it), fish, camps(being pitched for half hours at a time), moonshine shack-that's nothing but decorative, no Harriet, no Gus, and double digit system errors. Have heard everywhere online that NPCs and animals are unkillable but certainly will kill you...haven't had the pleasure of seeing either. Only thing in the entire broke POS game that is working is the collectibles...that is if you are lucky enough to have a horse and can avoid the blue screen of death long enough to grab any. Being the stubborn a-hole that I am, I keep trying to play and just spam Sony with screenshot/video error reports...just sent #13. Maybe if enough people do that, Sony will get annoyed enough to give Rockstar some grief...our voices certainly don't mean jacksh!t to them.
  8. I knew the happiness with the update was too good to be true. Game for me is now disconnect central...at 14 the past 3 days and counting. That's probably as many as I had in a year of playing. Not to mention the numerous start screen freezes at 60%. Weird thing is I know when it's going to happen...games reloads me into servers with less than 10 people and within 5 minutes, disconnect again. And make that 17, did it again three times as I was typing this. Thankfully I maxed the Outlaw Pass and hit 20 already on the new role, so if this keeps up I'm done with the game again...probably for good this time. 100GB is just too much valuable space to waste on a game I'll play for a couple days every 7 months, and my time is worth more to me than wasting over an hour straight reloading a game so I can attempt to play. As much as I hate EA and how they ruin their games, at least their sh*t works when I want to play.
  9. Haven't seen this mentioned anywhere...the update also included 3 new collectors sets of fossils, but only for PS4 users. Just found 1 by accident lol.
  10. I meant the mission where you take out the poachers and get a sample from it. I'm sure flat out killing it isn't nearly as hard. 2nd day and still an abundance of animals. Couple more observations...you CAN NOT sedate neither horses nor humans lol. That Harriet is one high strung b#tch. Filled Cripps up first thing, did a couple other things, traveled a ways before starting to collect samples...witch still screamed at me and pepper sprayed me. And had 3 waves of bandits chase me on a local trader delivery. Assuming that's a new tweak because I've never had that happen. Definitely more fun than the boring shootout at the drop off.
  11. I love the new role for one simple reason...to implement it THEY HAD TO FIX THE ANIMAL SPAWNS. Only 1 day but even in full servers, animals are everywhere and in large groups too(bagged 8 turkeys in one grouping). I did 2 trader deliveries in one session for the first time. The "massive" that they promised turns out to be complete B.S., unless by that they meant a massive improvement to spawns. Actually a 2nd reason I'm happy...been 5 months since I could pick up a collectible...was sitting on 10 of each waiting for the new Outlaw Pass. Forgot what it was like to pay any mind to the yellow lol As for the naturalist role...eh, it's something different. Don't know that I'll do much with it beyond level 20 besides the legendary animals. Not fond of the amount of sedatives it takes to take anything down...whitetail/pronghorn is 5-7, same with the gators, can't even imagine how many for a bear or moose. Also the damn animals can run quite a ways before dropping. And it really sucks you can only buy 200 of them at a a time, meaning a ridiculous amount of trips to the woman to buy more. I'd really like to know why they aren't like every other form of ammo...buy in bulk from the catalog and get from your lockbox in camp. So far I've been loading up on rabbits, raccoons, and the easiest of all, the turtles(2 shots and they travel maybe 2 steps). Oh, and a couple more observations... it seems that you can "poach" samples off other players...can't count how many times I've taken a sample and had a player/players right up my ass and on the animal as soon as I step away. Also never go for samples along the rivers...lost a lot of animals because they end up in the river before the sedative hits and you can't get a sample then. The legendary mission I did...the Cross Fox just flat out sucked...took well over a half hour of chasing it through yards in St. Denis and no auto aim making it really hard to hit with sedatives while chasing it on horseback. Little @#$! is really quick and did so many u-turns. And finally, you CAN'T take a sample, revive the animal and get a 2nd sample.
  12. Nope, 12:30 here and nothing yet. Giving it until 2 or 3 A.M., hoping to beat the masses. If not, tomorrow I guess and assuming it will be an absolute crapshow with nothing but maxed servers. 3:00 A.M. now here and still nothing. So much for getting a jump on everyone. Dying to dump the 10 of every collection I've been hoarding since March so I can start picking up collectibles again. And only 16 dailies tonight...4 general instead of the usual 7.
  13. Just a heads up...even the bounty work around is not guaranteed to fix things. I spent an hour plus earlier loading up to the point I couldn't carry any more. Ended the bounty and proceeded to spend the next hour and a half sitting on my horse trying to get a camp to spawn anywhere on the map to no avail(just that blinking BS), meaning all that time wasted to just end up with an empty Cripps anyway. If that wasn't enough insult...got disconnected. 50 Pelts gone. Final straw for me. The game could be absolutely amazing, but instead it's so inherently broken in so many damn ways it's just not worth the frustration anymore...or even the electricity to run the PS4. Good luck to everyone in their search for animals to trade.
  14. No, not being able to skin at all. Just recently went looking for info on the best one(s) to use as I give up on a spawn fix, and saw that complaint multiple times...enough to believe it. If I recall, the Sergio Vincenza definitely does not allow skinning. Not sure about which others may have this issue. Also seems to be a lot of debate whether you can call your wagon in all of them and even more so, whether large predators spawn in every one. The 2 I mentioned seem to be by far the most suggested, and I can confirm firsthand that both work in the Philip Carlier one. Also love it for the gators. Small gator skins are worth a good amount and surprisingly the gator teeth can move Cripps bar quite a lot...shame you can only carry like 30 of them.
  15. I know R* tweaked some of the legendaries recently so you can't skin animals. I know that the Yukon Nik and the Philip Carlier ones are both still good. I've used the Carlier one...somewhat a pain with the weird cutscene you have to go through first, but it does work fine.
  16. Thanks to all for confirming what I suspected. It'd be nice if these changes were shared with the players, but I guess that'd be asking a bit much considering the general response to any inquiry at all seems to be "clear your cache". So frustrating when developers like Polyphony Digital(Gran Turismo series) release lengthy patch notes EVERY single little update...down to the minute details of dropping a single car's horsepower by 2, a change in a single car's engine sound, or a change in a tire's grip slightly etc. R* makes some damn great games, but they absolutely suck at communication.
  17. After days of frustration and countless hours reading the posts of the plethora of people having the same issue with this one damn coin, I finally found the reason and the real fix. It seems the same genius programmer in charge of animal spawns must also work on the collectibles. The game cannot tell the difference between the 1792 quarter and the 1792 liberty quarter, so having 10 liberty quarters stops you from adding any of the non-liberty ones. Have to sell the liberty ones to pick up the regular ones. Blows my mind that this is a big issue affecting god knows how many people(just google rdr 1792 quarter glitch...pages and pages of bitching) with what I assume to be a really simple fix and yet they do nothing. I'm no programmer, but couldn't they just simply change the code for one of them to make the year 1793 instead?????? They certainly had no problem changing the locations/day cycles for most of the collectibles last big update.
  18. So I'm not the only 3 wheeled cowboy...
  19. Wow, we could be twins. Level 330+ myself and same scenario in almost all sessions. In a way it's sad, but it's also understandable right now. Time of year combined with a serious lack of activities for high ranked players. As for time of year, it's not all that different from any online games. My main game has always been the NHL series. Top 100 player every year since the inception of online. Mass players in September when the game comes out...lot's of solid players...real competition...and few real trolls save the handful of well known ones that EA refuses to deal with. Fast forward to December when Hanukkah and Xmas hit...tons of low ranked and clueless players who got the game as a holiday gift and have no clue how to play, combined with the kiddies having time off school and more late nights equals tons of crap games and many of the hardcore taking a break from the game. Same here, I've been griefed more in the past few weeks than the preceding 5 months combined. And as far as the activities, speaking for myself, but assuming the same for others ranked at our level...there's just not that much to do. Animals are scarce so trading is impossible. We've maxed all the occupations, earned a crapload of the buckles, and hardcore collecting just burns you out. Sadly new content only adds something for a brief period. Last outlaw pass I had 40+ full collections hoarded, so I maxed out those 100 levels in less than a day. Even new occupations get old after a week or so...it's just doing the same old thing over and over again. Unless you're into griefing others, there's just not really any objectives to go for. I have every card maxed, own every weapon, every outfit etc. Sitting on 600 gold and 120k cash with nothing to spend either on. I even have every collection sitting maxed(save the coins because of some stupid glitch). Can't even focus on leveling up at this point since it's nearly 18k experience for each level now. At this point I'm about to join the ranks of the "log in for just a daily". Finally, the metric arseload of glitches and bugs that just never get fixed don't help. The holiday snow etc. was really nice, but concentration on adding that instead of addressing the obvious issues...animal spawns, camps not pitching, delivery issues and endless disconnects is seriously disconcerting. Does not give one any hopes for improved gameplay going forward.
  20. Absolutely, as long as it's not me being "researched" lol And I only got hit once. Just seems weird that a direct hit good enough to blow off a wheel didn't damage the bottles.
  21. Wondering if they reinforced the moonshine wagon the last update? Never been griefed delivering shine until last night, but have seen plenty of posts about wagons being destroyed. Little feminine hygiene product hid in the swamps last night and got me good before I had time to raise a gun and exploded my wagon enough to send me airborne. Funny thing is even though I lost the back panel and a rear wheel entirely, there was just a tiny sliver of damage to the delivery(less than hitting RR tracks too fast), and the wagon still drove fine. I would have gotten 20/20 for it but a couple revenue guys got to me later on and I only got credit for 19 bottles. Seems like they seriously roided up the shine wagons. Wish I wasn't so old and clueless with newer technology, I would love to have some video of the wagon flying down the road on 3 wheels lol
  22. Nevermind on that fix. Seems it's only temporary. Replaced all the coins I sold until I got to the that quarter and same exact B.S., glitched out on me again tonight. Apparently I'm now only allowed 6 of them lol. Need 11 other pieces to have 10 of every single collectible except those damn quarters, which should set off some serious OCD anger. Stupidest glitch I've seen in any game.
  23. S.O.S. on the animal spawns. Got loaded into a session of 29 players(never seen above 26 before) and same barren, empty world. Played a while and animals appeared...server had dropped to 10 players. From there same old crap where the animals would appear and disappear as the server went above and below about 15 players. Did get a laugh though. At one point as I was grabbing some collectibles in Valentine, the animals appeared in hordes. Was down to just 6 of us. Nailed 8 Pronghorn and 5 ravens in one spot just outside town. As I did there was a 3 man posse shooting up the town. Figured they were noobs and I'd be a good guy and let them know the animals were everywhere, but turns out they were all high 100's ranks, so I just let them be and loaded up lol
  24. Not sure if this will help anyone else, but figured I'd share anyway. With the recent lack of animals, and being rank 330+ with 550 gold and $115K I had to find some incentive to play for more than a quick daily, so I decided to max out all 140 collections(figured it can't hurt to be sitting on about $45K and 210,000 experience lol). About 95% done, but for the past 4 days I've been unable to get the 1792 quarter(apparently a somewhat common glitch???). Map has the correct location, metal detector goes bezerk, but no dig prompts and I definitely only had 6 of them in inventory. Tried everything...leaving the area...switching sessions...even tried dynamiting the spot since someone online said they fixed it that way. No luck. Turns out the only fix is to sell an entire coin collection. Annoying fix as I now have to grab 14 other coins again, but it worked. Not sure if this glitch effects any other collectibles, but if so, sell a set and try again.
  25. I'd really like for someone to explain to the programmers who do the weather that there is NO WHERE ON EARTH where there is blinding, debilitating fog every damn day. I'd also like Cripps to give back all the venison the thieving SOB is selling on the side. He doesn't use the meat...lazy POS won't even make a stew with it. At $24 a satchel full, he's now a very rich man.
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