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5 new ideas for the game!


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RDR2 is a stunningly beautiful game and I feel like it can be pretty lackluster in things to do. They have a couple things to do but I feel like so much potential is being wasted. I have a list of ideas that could be implemented into the game. Keep in mind they are just neat ideas and I still think the game is incredible the way it is. I just want to experience more and the setting / feel of the game is perfect.
Here is a list of 5 ideas I think would be neat if added:

1. Ranching: Players can own and build a ranch with or without their posse. They can own pigs, horses, chickens, and have a herd of cattle that they own and take care of and then they can transfer them to a town to sell via a cattle drive. They can save money and build/buy a nice house (owning a house in the game alone is something I can't believe they don't have), barn, granary, etc. If you don't want to buy a place you can get hired by an existing farm. Building placement would work just like camps. You can have specific places to own and if someone in the server has a farm on that plot then you will have to join another server or wait. If your posse would stay persistent so if I'm on and my friend who started it gets off but the posse still runs then that would also be a big plus. I'm tired of not being able to work towards putting money and supplies towards the collective of the group just because the posse leader gets off and you have to start or join another one..

2. Building a railroad: Why not have a new railroad that needs to be built across the map. You can go to be hired and work on the railroad and see the progress of it being built.

3. Mining: Working in a dark mine would be a lot of fun and understanding where to mine and avoiding places that may have water or gas would be a fun challenge. Getting hired by a mining company and either working down in the mines with a bunch of AI or delivering the mined ore to various locations would be cool. Maybe even just getting hired to fix broken equipment or place TNT/nitro, or clear out and haul up rubble would be a good time.

4. Fishing/ Traveling by boat: The large ships in the game are wasted by being dormant to the players. Players should be able to ride aboard, traveling from port to port and go inside and explore all the vessels in the game as well as get hired to fish on a boat that goes out. If they added more things to do out on the water as well as being able to go inside the ships, I'd bet people would be very happy. Imagine also being able to buy a good sized ship and you and your mates go out to fish or ferry passengers to make money and you need to defend against bandits or storms or countless other things. I'm spit balling here, but I'm sure the possibilities are endless with waterborne activities. Maybe even joining the Navy and serving as a deckhand would be cool and having to engage in skirmishes with a warring nation?

5. Mountaineering: Being the explorer and having to scale the mountains on the northern section of the map would be neat. Imagine having a geographic society in one of the towns and becoming a member and then having them finance an expedition where you reach a summit. They also could add in a huge new dlc/ expansion to the map that is like exploring the Arctic/ Alaska and have much taller mountains added as well. Having to pack accordingly and traversing the mountains via pickaxes and rope and having to set up camps when it's too cold!!!

I don't know how viable these ideas are to actually implement, but I think this game needs so so much more and has the ability to make online much much more appealing then what it is. The game is a beautiful creation, but I think people will agree with me that it still has so much more to offer.

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Hi and welcome to the forums.

I saw you posted this on Steam as well and it seems you wanted this message to reach R*.  ....so just an FYI that this site is not affiliated with R* or Take Two. However, you're more than welcome and we encourage these kinds of discussions in the community.

R* doesn't have an official forum so we really only have each other to bounce ideas off of.  They do however have a feedback site but it is more of a suggestion box.

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Also, their feedback section has very limited room to type out ideas. I think only the first paragraph from my first post fits. Not sure if anyone from R* would get on here and see it but it's worth a shot. Otherwise I am not sure how else to reach out to them. Hopefully the community here likes some of these ideas or has some to add on this thread.

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They've never been on here or made themselves known as far as I know.  ....but yeah, I think you're limited to 500 characters on that site but that doesn't mean you can't submit multiple ideas.  I'd just try to shorten your responses and use a word processing program or similar to edit your submissions first.  .....to make sure they'll fit.

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