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Game won't start after update


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Hye I've encounted a. Problem with rdr2 today . Turned pc on to play game in rockstar launcher it said I had to update game which I done . And now when trying to start game it won't start it says I've got to update . Which I have just done and it's not giving the option to update just get a message saying to go on rockstar forum . Were the isn't any useful information . It's becoming more than a joke now  ever since the introduced that new role the naturalst the game had been one of the biggest bugged I have played and every update the fetch it's just makes the game worser it really is never known a game to go from good to unplayable on every update the bring out . At least we know why it took them so long to fetch a new role pit is ause the haven't a clue how to develop there own game what the have spent at least 10 years developing .  More than fuming with this now I'm going to loose my gold on daily challenges which I have nearly getting enough to buy the roles I wanted it's god dame joke been having to log in every day for the past 38 days building my gold just for rockstar to block is from getting on thanks to there new update . Gamesgettinf deleted and never touch another rockstar product . Rock star of you read this . Hire people who know what the are doing instead of a bunch of clowns . Does any know how to get refund from rockstar as lost all interest in rdr2 now and seems as can't even load 

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Fyi....  RDR2 is a fan site with no affiliation with R* nor Take Two.  They have no presence here that we are aware of.

Having said that, sorry for your troubles but all I can suggest is to reach out to their Support if no one is able to chime in with a possible fix for your problem.

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Here....  Note the last line from today:


Red Dead Online 1.21 Title Update issues including connection problems, low animal spawns and others

Created August 11, 2020Updated August 14, 2020

Question: Why were there issues with Red Dead Online including connection problems, low animal spawns and others?

Answer: An update to Red Dead Online intended to provide security improvements and address connection errors unintentionally introduced a range of issues including connection problems, low animal spawn counts, difficulty pitching Camps, entering Moonshine shacks as well as others on PS4 and Xbox One. We have reverted back to the previous version on those platforms, initially launched on July 28. This should address these recent issues and restore stability - meanwhile we will continue to work to eliminate any remaining issues through future updates.

[Update August 14, 2020]: The rollback has now also been applied to Red Dead Online for PC.

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