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8/31/20 R* Naturalist Photo Challenge Ends 9/7


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August 14, 2020


The Community’s Top Naturalist Photos Will be Featured in Red Dead Online

Talented communities of digital photographers in Red Dead Online have already been cataloging every nook and cranny of the territories, from fashion to sweeping scenery and beyond. With the addition of the Advanced Camera – now available for purchase in the Hunting & Fishing section of the Wheeler, Rawson & Co. Catalogue – players can take in-game photographs with increased maneuverability and functionality. This purpose-built tool also features a selection of period-appropriate filters, with even more accessible via The Outlaw Pass No. 3.

To celebrate this thriving community of Red Dead Online digital photographers and the newest Frontier Pursuit, The Naturalist, we’re launching an official #Naturalist photography challenge. Whether you’re mastering the art of the Naturalist or crafting specialist clothing items with Gus - one of the best forms of documentation is incontrovertible, photographic proof of your adventures.

To join this challenge, eligible photographs can contain any of the new content from The Naturalist update – from new clothing and weapons to wildlife snaps and more. You can also feel free to photograph any wildlife that existed prior to The Naturalist update. Submissions demonstrating exceptional creativity, originality, quality of composition and artistic direction will be much more likely to be chosen.

Chosen photographs will be added to Red Dead Online as Camp Flags, Bar Portraits or Photo Studio Backdrops – free to all players in a future update coming later this year.



  1. Take a photo featuring any of the new Naturalist content or featuring any wildlife that existed prior to The Naturalist update, using the regular handheld Camera or the new Advanced Camera in Red Dead Online
  2. Upload your best work to Social Club

    Within the Pause Menu, navigate to Social Club and upload your favorite shots to your Social Club Profile

  3. Submit your entry

    On your phone or PC, log into Social Club and tag your photo with #Naturalist to participate. All submissions must be received by 11:59:59 p.m. ET on September 7th to be eligible



  • While being a Naturalist isn’t a requirement to enter the challenge, the Blending Tonic in Harriet’s Shop may prove quite useful in getting closer to wildlife.
  • Sedated animals can be repositioned using the Lasso so you can setup your shots
  • Ask a friend to help you out, whether they’re acting as human bait for that perfect predator shot or reviving a sedated animal as you’re setting up your shot.
  • Taking Legendary pelts to Gus can help you craft the perfect outfit for a solo or group fashion shoot using either the Handheld or Self Portrait feature.
  • You may want to delete a few old photos from your reel in-game to clear some space before a shoot.
  • For more tips on how to level up as a Naturalist head over to our Community Naturalist Guide.

We'd also like to remind all hopefuls to please make sure your contact email information is up to date in your Social Club account settings so that we can easily let you know if your photo has been chosen. Best of luck to all – we’re looking forward to seeing everyone’s snaps!

Contest is void in certain countries and where prohibited.
See https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/events/contests for official rules and eligibility details.

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