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Fan Art: Custom RDR2 PC Crate


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Fan Art: Custom Red Dead Redemption 2 PC Crate by PiXelit

October 30, 2020

08a9b039bd28fea9e1639e4b462fa35de7447835Source: Pixelit Project on Facebook

Many PC cases lean into the futuristic aesthetic. This DIY project by Swedish content creator Pixelit throws things back to the turn of the century instead. Seeing this project come together over the past couple months, we're astounded by its attention to detail. 


Watch PiXelit burn Wheeler, Rawson & Co. branding into the exterior of the crate, below, and give them a follow on Facebook, Twitter or YouTube to keep up with all of their future projects.

And we couldn't talk about custom RDR2-inspired builds without tipping our hat to redditor BIG0H, who decked out their game room with gold bars and dynamite sticks, customized controllers with caps to make the buttons look like bullets in what is generally one of the most impressive Red Dead Redemption 2 setups we've seen, paying homage to Arthur Morgan and the Van der Linde Gang in a very big way.




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