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What I'd like to see as either multiple large expansions or an RDR3 game.


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I would personally love to see them create basically the entire USA and a bit of it's border with Mexico. This would include all of the locations in Red Dead Revolver and many locations that would be completely new. I made a basic map for what I'm imagining, but I can't figure out how to put it into this post. I came up with a ton of locations and even a possible story if it was used in a third Red Dead Redemption game. The map I made more than tripled the map size, maybe even quadrupled it.

I came up not only with not only the new state's names, but also the counties/ major areas in it and drew borders for everything. I even came up with a way to not only show you where towns, cities, forts and prisons are, but their approximate size. I wanted to put the names of all of these locations on the map, but I couldn't fit them into the areas I made for them and still have it legible.

How can I put the image I made into a post on this site? I'd like to show it to everyone and get peoples input. Once it's up I'll also put the names I came up with for the aforementioned man-made locations.

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