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loving the experience


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I have definitely dealt with cheaters/hackers/griefers, but they pale in comparison to the joy of the game. I am pretty content with hunting and fishing. I did that as a child and am enjoying it once again.

I finally ran in a posse of strangers, big shoutout to KYSTORY as I'm from KY myself, but currently live in AZ. Posse missions were really fun! Each of us kind of took over the roles we enjoy. After my posse saw me stay horsed during a heavy wolf shootout, they dumped the bounty at my feet for me to ride back to the jailor. I definitely showcased some awesome sniping and shotgun skill atop my Appaloosa. She is my fourth horse and my favorite and seems to handle crazy way better than my war horse or thoroughbred. All have max bonding, but the APPY is so chill while hunting and also doesn't get in the way as much as other horses. 

It doesn't seem like PC gets much love in the game as almost all online resources are outdated and only use controller or console control advice. What are your favorite PC resource sites for this game?

I am hoping for future growth in the game as I find this way more fun than WOW. I have never played the story games. I have enjoyed some shootouts in Valentine and the free roam events are a blast.

I have experienced many bugs, but not enough to quit playing. I feel like I found the perfect game that has even more potential than most. I hope the game gets funded and stays supported. The scenery is amazing.

thanks for reading, Tecnopagan <~~over 50 been gaming since dot matrix


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