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Hello... this is all very new and I have some really stupid questions


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Ok so I'm in Australia and this is the first time I've ever put my toe in an PvP game - normally I'm a solo gamer, RPG and Grand Strategy 4X are my jam. However, I loved RDR2 so much that I just wanted to keep playing and after a few hours it's clear it would be more fun with a posse. Even playing Solo Free Roam I've got some questions about the game.

I'm playing PC and I've found some posts here asking peeps to join fun Posses, but they all say 'message me'. When I go to message I'm told "You can send 0 messages per day". How do I fix that? 

Secondly in the PvP events I end up in I'm regularly being brutally abused in a blend of english and chinese (maybe korean) and I'm wondering if there's some etiqutte or play-style I'm ignoring and ruining peeps experience? People seem genuinely angry and the one word I could discern from the streams of foreign invective was "megaphone"... does RDR have a more stealth style, despite the presence of live radar? The solo game wasn't exactly stealth.... 

Anyways after shutting up and just trying to play I swear I was booted, got a dialogue box with "unknown error: FFFFFF" and the whole game crashed. Never happened before and happened twice the other night. 

Anyway my experience online hasn't been that fun to date - either silence from whomever I'm with in story missions or rampant abuse in PvP arenas - I'm just looking for some fun western high-jinks, get some better clothes and gear and generally have a good time. 

Any help for this inexperienced online gamer much appreciated. 

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I'm going to go ahead and move this to the Online forum to get a little more exposure but I'll try to answer some of your questions....

New accounts are not allowed to message others unless they have a certain number of posts.  Initial posts from new accounts ae also vetted prior to being allowed to be shown.  We get a lot of scammers, spammers and other folks who are more interested in serving their own self interest (e.g. self promotion of their site / YT channel and so on) vs. becoming part of this community. Personally, I would respond in their thread if you're interested in joining even if they say to message. Those who create posse threads and don't come back after a month or two, I usually will close their threads anyhow so as not to waste other members time.

PC is a bit of a different animal.  There are a lot of hackers unlike on console.  That's not to say console doesn't have issues like that but most are using exploits, glitches, etc., not hacks.

Personally, I rarely played with the chat on except in the early days when I was trying to find people to join up with.  I honestly have no interest in what other players have to say as its usually nothing good if they even say anything at all.  That's true for a lot of games though.  I'm on PS5 and use party chat when I'm with friends.  I think you're doing the right thing looking for a group online.  I think you'll find the game much more fun if you do.  

RDO is PvPvE.  ....so basically, it's player vs. player and player vs. environment, NPCs, etc.  There's no official private lobby system although there may be ways to trick yourself into a private session.  However, there are options you can select that will help mitigate trolling / griefing like the Defensive Mode.  This won't stop players from being able to kill you but if someone does indiscriminately try to attack you, it does give you some advantages.  If they succeed in killing you, you will respawn further away from the area and given some other choices as well.  However, there is nothing that will make you invisible or immune to attacks like a true passive mode.  

My recommendation is to simply stay away from others when playing alone.  More often than not, getting near people will just result in them trying to kill you as they either think you're out to do them harm or they want to do you harm.  When I used to play, I would choose a region to spawn into that was across the map from where I actually wanted to be.  I'm not sure if it's still the case but the game would typically spawn people into the same general area.  Traveling away from the spawn point typically gave me some breathing room for a while so I could go hunt, etc.  .....and I never enter towns where there are more than a couple players.  Even then its a risk unless its just you.

Hope that helps and I hope you find a group you can explore RDO with.

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