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Is Moonshining worth the gold?


Is doing the moonshine career worth the gold you pay or is it a steal?

 I've mostly been doing bounty hunting and want to try something new, the moonshine care interests me but I'm not quite sure if it's worth it. 

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Moonshining has some nice storytelling as part of the whole arc & once you have it maxxed will fall into the daily challenges set which will soon repay the GB you spend to get set up & expand the production facility - on a 4 weekly cycle of increasing GB payouts for challenges completing 3 Moonshine challenges every day for 7 days during week 4 alone can net you 5.25 GB so it will only take a few weeks to be turning a GB profit PLUS all the RD$ you can make selling completed shine to buyers.

Short answer - yes - interesting story missions & easy profits of GB & RD$

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