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Lone star legion want you!


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Lone Star Legion "LSL"

- An established Crew/community with like-minded individuals who enjoy playing RDR2. Forged from the remains of a fallen Crew, we plan to make Ourselves known in the RDR2 community, as well as others.

- We offer a very structured Ranking System, starting with the basic rank of Sentinel, and ending with the final rank of Commodore. We have a 13+ policy, and we ask that all newcomers and members are respectful and understanding towards each other.
- Our mission as a Crew is to give our members a safe place to learn, and to give them the experience and resources to thrive in the Community of Red Dead Redemption. We offer a finely detailed list of weekly activities, such as Trail Rides, Wagon Trains, Fashion Contests, and most importantly, a secure environment to learn and teach others.

- For further information and requirements, or if you are interested in joining the Legion, please, DM me for more details.

”We Came, We Saw, We Conquered." -Julius Caesar

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12 hours ago, toxiconix said:

I am interested in joining, but when I tried to dm you, the site says I'm allowed 0 messages a day. 

Try now. All new messages from first time posters have to be vetted first.

Having said that, the op hasn't been back to this site since August last year.

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