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Cripps keeps moving our camp site and it's driven me crazy. I tried to kill him, you can't. I tried to fist fight him, you can't.  

The camp will be in a perfect spot for hunting animals for him and he will move back or off somewhere quite far from the animals making it so difficult to get any let alone a 3 star. Does this happen to anyone else?


Oh and one time he made me so made I tossed dynamite all over our camp didn't do much fage as I had hoped. BUT THAT BIG MOUTH OLD MAN, gossipers and told my moonshine cook what I did. And the cook told me.

Ok will be watching for anybody's reply 

p/s does anyone have the directions on how to be ghost like??? Please forward the to me pretty please lol


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Is he moving your camp during game play or each time you log back in?

Camps will also get moved if your favourite zone is "full"

He used to randomly move my camp all over the map even during gameplay which is/was hella annoying but stopped & hasn't done it for a while but I do still get the "full zone" moves & usually to the furthest part of the bloody desert too miles from my usual hangout of Great Plains/Blackwater

To cure it I usually try & re-tag Great Plains in the camp tab & then hit ESC & then ONLINE again to respawn in a new lobby & hopefully get back to where I like to be [on PC that is]

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