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Having trouble completing sharpshooter 8 challenge (disarm 3 enemies)


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I did this in the Epilogue using the Carcano rifle.  you go to Fort Mercer  but stop at the crossroads in front of where two guards are posted at the entrance.  I aim for the left arm of the guard on the right (my left, his right) do not get off your horse and do not use the rolling block or it will not count.  you can do this actually anywhere armed guards are posted.  You can get a Carcano Rifle early in Chapter 4 if you do the Companion Mission with Uncle involving Rustling Cattle The Rancher comes out with his Carcano rifle and fires it, but he knocks himself out with the recoil or something and you can take it then. You could probably do it with a scoped varmint rifle at hanging dog ranch, even!  (I never tried)  but you aim with a scoped rifle at his arm , shoot to disarm, then ride away until the red of enemies disappears.  then the site is reset and do it again without reloading.  that is why you don't get off your horse, remounting will reload for you.  a rolling block is a single shot and reloads after every shot so DON'T use it.

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