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Hello Everyone, So I'm just wondering what would everyone that's familiar with/has gotten the hang of Rdr2 Online do to begin? I've played story mode since the game came out until this point. Was never really curious about online so I know nothing about it lol now that I started I feel overwhelmed n clueless. I was like what do I do?. Everything is either locked or needs gold bars. Watched videos and googled around but everything is over 3yrs old. Knowing nothing to begin with, I'm not sure if the info is the same or helps the same now. I'd appreciate some up to date help and tips to get the most out of the experience without stressing out about having little to nothing starting out haha -Thanks in Advance everyone

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1] Complete the "online" story quests over the course of a few days play then join them as random "help" every day afterwards to increase your Cash money & Gold - you can replay or join them over & over until you know them inside out - all whilst making currency

2] Start every day looking at the daily challenges & complete as many as you can "easily" [without too much stress that is & don't worry about using the "community map" it isn't cheating in my opinion] these pay out Gold bar fragments & build up over the course of a 4 week cycle to reward you with 0.1 / 0.15 / 0.2 / 0.25 per completed challenge  it soon builds up & the amount accessible to you increases as you unlock Roles like Bounty Hunter or Naturalist.

3] Buy Collector role as soon as you can afford the GB cost - you get XP for finding items & $$ for selling on - try & build sets as best you can [again the community map is invaluable] even better if they have it or any others "on sale"

4] Try some of the Free Roam events that drop like Day of Reckoning or Trade Route & find the ones u like to do - again these pay out Gold & can be low stress

5] Don't stress  !!  Most of all we are supposed to be having fun roaming the world they have made for us so just enjoy it - don't try & do everything immediately just take it slow & find what you like to do.

6] If things aren't going well you can always change "lobbies" by going back to the menu screen & hitting "ONLINE" even mid-delivery of goods or moonshine - you will not lose these it will re-set for your next try - this falls into the "don't stress" category!!   :)

7] IMO the roles are best "taken" in this order [unless you can afford all at once] Collector - Trader - Moonshiner - Bounty Hunter - Naturalist - opinions vary but its all about those Daily Challenges IMO 

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