Red Dead Online Posse Awards Guide

Red Dead Online features a variety of optional challenges called Awards, which allow players to obtain some additional XP upon completion.

Red Dead Online Posses Guide

These challenges are divided into different categories - SharpshooterCombatHunting, Survivalist, Crimes, Travel, Trade, General, Horse, Posse, Free Roam and Competitive. All categories include either multiple-tiered challenges divided into specific milestones or single tiered ones. All Awards are considered fully complete only when all tiers have been cleared.

Completing Awards is in no way required in Red Dead Online, but you will get something to show for it, as all completed challenges give players a unique Gold Buckle which can be equipped at any time by accessing the wardrobe. They don't improve the character's performance in any way, so they are just a way to show to other players that a specific award has been completed in full.

In this guide, we will take a good look at the Posse Awards and provide some tips on how to complete them in the fastest possible time.

Awards Overview

The Posse Awards are related to one of the main mechanics in Red Dead Online. Posses are pretty much the game's gangs, allowing players to band together and complete story missions and other activities together.

There are two different types of Posses in the game, Temporary and Permanent, with the latter type giving players more customization options for the camp and the Posse itself. To complete these Awards, however, a Permanent Posse is preferred, as coordination between members is required to clear them as quickly as possible.

If You Want To Lead, Learn how to Follow

The first two Posse Awards are as straightforward as awards can get. The very first one is a single-tiered challenge requiring players to spend 100 hours as a Posse leader. You can create a Posse at any time in Free Roam mode, so create one, invite friends and enjoy the game together.

You can be the leader of either Permanent or Temporary Posse, as time spent as the leader of either type will count toward completion.  For obvious reasons, there are no real shortcuts to complete this award, so this one will be one of the very last awards most players will complete, as 100 hours is far from being a small amount of time.

Red Dead Online Posse Awards Guide

The second Posse award requires players to do the opposite of what they must do to complete the first one, as they need to spend 100 hours as a member of any Posse. Like for the previous award, time spent in any type of Posse will count toward completion. There are no shortcuts for this challenge as well, so just join any Posse and play the game as much as possible.

A True Friend

The following two Posse awards are related to living the Posse life to the fullest.

The first one of these awards requires players to revive Posse members set amount of times. This is a multi-tiered challenge requiring players to revive fellow members 10 times for the first tier, 50 times for the second, 100 for the third, 500 for the fourth and 1,000 for the fifth and final tier. Just playing the game normally in a Permanent Posse with other friends will help you make good progress towards this challenge since you've probably rescued dead companions more than a few times already during the completion of story missions or any other online activity.

If you need to get more revives in, you can head over to any gang hideout together with other Posse members, kill most of the enemies, and let the few remaining ones kill your friends over and over. It is a little time consuming, but definitely less so than trying to complete this challenge by playing the game normally.

Red Dead Online Posse Awards Guide

The following challenge requires players to be on the receiving end of other Posse members help, as you will need to receive assists from your Posse members a certain number of times. This is a multi-tiered challenge requiring players to to be assisted 10 times for the first tier, 50 for the second, 100 for the third, 500 for the fourth and 1,000 for the fifth and final tier.

You can use the same method explained for the previous reward: head over to any gang hideout, get yourself killed and let another Posse member help you. If you have been playing through story missions with your Posse, there's a good chance that you have already made good progress toward completion.

My Posse is Better Than Yours

The final Posse award is tied to one of the Free Roam events that becomes available every now and then while roaming the map.

To clear this award, you need to complete Posse Versus Challenges a set amount of times. This is a multi-tiered award which requires players to complete 10 challenges for the first tier, 50 for the second, 100 for the third, 500 for the fourth and 1,000 for the fifth and final tier. To take part in a Posse Versus Challenge, your Posse leader has to accept a Free Roam event, whose beginning is always notified to all players while in Free Roam mode.

Sadly, completing this award may take a very long time, as events aren't always available, and you have no control over their frequency. Just play the game together with your Posse, and you will eventually unlock this award after. As such, if you're looking for some easy to get Gold Buckles, you really need to look elsewhere.

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