Red Dead Online Crimes Awards Guide

Red Dead Online Awards are several different challenges that often require players to go out of their way to perform a variety of tasks. Completing them is not required at all to unlock additional content, but it's a good way to earn some extra XP, rank up and make more items available for purchase in stores.

Red Dead Online Crimes Awards Guide

The Awards are divided into different categories -  SharpshooterCombatHunting, Survivalist, Crimes, Travel, Trade, General, Horse, Posse, Free Roam and Competitive- and all challenges are divided into tiers, with the exception of a few ones coming with a single tier. Completing all tiers rewards players with a Gold Buckle, which attests mastery of each different challenge. Gold Buckles can be equipped at any time by accessing the wardrobe in the camp.

In this guide, we will take a good look at the four Awards in the Crimes category and at some tips that will make completing them easier.

Awards Overview

The Crimes Awards involving committing a variety of crimes and are among the easiest challenges to complete, as completing all the tiers of the four challenges isn't particularly time-consuming, with the exception of one which will take two hours to complete. If you're looking to add more Gold Buckles to your inventory, these are the challenges to complete.

The Lasso is the only Weapon You Need

The first two Crimes Awards involve using the lasso, which is available right from the beginning of Red Dead Online. For the first challenge, you need to lasso enemies from horseback and then hogtie them.

Like all of the Crimes awards, this is a multi-tiered challenge, requiring players to lasso 5 enemies for the first tier, 25 for the second, 50 for the third, 75 for the fourth and 100 for the fifth and final tier. Hogtying enemies is very straightforward: use the lasso on any enemy, keep the L2 or left trigger pressed, dismount from your horse and then get close to your victim to hogtie them.

Completing this challenge is rather simple, just find some enemies while in Free Roam mode, like at nearby gang hideouts and you will be set. You can also attempt to do this while playing through story and stranger missions.

Red Dead Online Crimes Awards Guide

Once you have captured an enemy with the lasso, you want to be a truly bad outlaw and drag your victim from horseback, as this needs to be done to complete the second award of this category. You need to drag your enemy for 5 miles to unlock the first tier, 25 miles for the second, 50 miles for the third, 75 miles for the fourth, and 100 miles for the final tier. As you will be reported to the law if anyone sees you, try avoiding towns, ranches, and cities. Even if you get spotted and become wanted though, it's not a big deal, especially if you're aiming to complete the remaining two Crime awards.

Wanted or Not Wanted?

The final two Crime Awards are related to the Wanted system. Committing any crime and letting witnesses report you to the law will make you wanted in the area where the crime has been committed.

To get the first to last Crimes award, you need to survive a wanted level for a set amount of time. You must survive 5 minutes to unlock the first tier, 10 minutes to unlock the second, 30 minutes to unlock the third, 60 to unlock the fourth and 120 minutes to unlock the fifth and final tier.

Completing this challenge is quite simple: head to a small town live Strawberry or Annesburg, attack someone in the streets, become wanted and try to get as close as possible to edges of the red circle on the map. Once the wanted level starts to drop, get back into the circle to keep the status active for the required time. Completing the final tier can be a bit annoying, as you need to do this for a total of 120 minutes.

The issue is that making things more exciting during all this time, like confronting lawmen directly, will only make completing the challenge extremely hard, as better equipped lawmen will start coming after you the more that are killed.

Red Dead Online Crimes Awards Guide

The final Crimes Award requires players to do the exact opposite of what needs to be done for the previous, as you have to lose your wanted level multiple times. You need to lose it 5 times for the first tier, 25 for the second, 50 for the third, 75 for the fourth and 100 times for the fifth and final tier. You can follow the same procedure described above, only that you have to stay out of the red circle to make your wanted status go away. Avoid committing heavy crimes like killing someone, as the worse the crime you commit, the more aggressive lawmen will be.

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