Red Dead Online General Awards Guide

Red Dead Online features a variety of optional challenges, collectively known as Awards, that help players gain XP to rank up and unlock items that are also found in the game's story mode like horse breeds, weapons, crafting recipes and clothing items.

Red Dead Online General Awards Guide

All of the Awards are divided into different categories: SharpshooterCombatHunting, Survivalist, Crimes, Travel, Trade, General, Horse, Posse, Free Roam and Competitive. Some of these challenges come in multiple tiers, while others come with a single one. No matter the number of tiers, an award is considered complete only when all the tiers have been unlocked.

Upon completing any award, players will receive not only XP but also a unique Gold Buckle. These items, which can be worn at any time by accessing the wardrobe, don't provide any enhancement to the character's stats, but are instead a way to show other players that a specific award has been completed successfully.

In this guide, we will take a look at the General Awards category while also providing some tips on how to complete these challenges in the fastest way possible.

Awards Overview

As the name suggests, the General Awards are related to some of the most basic Red Dead Online mechanics. Only two of these awards come in multiple tiers, but don't expect to complete them anytime soon, as they are all very time-consuming, with the exception of one, and only if you're willing to spend some Gold Bars. As such, if you're looking to get some quick Gold Buckles for the Buckle Up Trophy / Achievement, you'd better look at another category.

Honor System

The first two General Awards are related to the game's Honor System, which keeps track of how honorable or dishonorable your character is. These two awards involve reaching maximum dishonor and maximum honor level.

There are plenty of ways to gain or lose honor points. Gaining them is definitely easier: greet NPCs in towns, treat your horse well, pat dogs and generally avoid being mean. Losing honor points is not all that harder, but it comes with consequences, as you can rob NPCs, kill them, commit crimes and generally behave like a true outlaw. Completing stranger missions is also a good way to alter your current honor rating: there are different missions available when you're honorable and dishonorable, and completing them will make you gain or lose points according to your current status.

If you want to complete either of the two challenges quickly, you can also get maximum honor or maximum dishonor, talk with Mr. Jones and give him 3 Gold Bars to reverse your current status. Gold Bars are hard to come by, so it's preferable to do things the proper way instead of using this handy, yet costly, shortcut.

Red Dead Online General Awards Guide


The next two awards are even more time-consuming to complete than the previous two. The first one requires players to find treasure using a map multiple times. This is a multi-tiered challenge, requiring players to find treasure 5 times for the first tier, 25 for the second, 50 for the third, 75 for the fourth and 100 for the fifth and final tier.

Treasure Maps can be obtained in a couple different ways. The first one is to simply rank up, as you will be receive one map every 5 ranks after reaching rank 10 and getting your first map. The second way is to clear gang hideouts, which will spawn in specific locations.

Sadly, the second method is not all that reliable, as you are not guaranteed to get a map each time a hideout has been cleared. But you will still have to get a few maps this way, as you will not get enough of them from ranking up alone.

Red Dead Online General Awards Guide

The next General award is time-consuming, but not as much as the previous one. To complete it, you need to loot enemies, plain and simple. There are multiple tiers for this award: you have to loot 10 enemies for the first tier, 50 for the second, 100 for the third, 500 for the fourth and 1,000 for the fifth and final. The number of enemies to loot is high, but if you have been playing story missions and clearing gang hideouts a lot, there's a very good chance you have made good progress on this challenge.

Just make sure to loot every single enemy you kill during your time in the game and you will complete this challenge before long.

Only The Very Best Abilities

The final General award is related to the Ability Cards system, which is one of the few gameplay mechanics that are exclusive to Red Dead Online. To complete this challenge, you need to collect 16 tier 3 Ability Cards. This is a single-tiered challenge, so getting the 16 tier 3 cards is enough to complete it for good.

All Ability Cards come with multiple tiers that can be unlocked with either XP or Gold Bars. As getting XP is much easier than getting Gold Bars, we suggest you use the former. Considering how useful some of these abilities are, there's a good chance you will complete this award without even trying.

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