Special Characters Guide

The Red Dead Redemption 2 story mode is full of unique characters known as strangers who are the main focus of optional missions. These strangers, however, aren't the only unique characters that players can meet during the course of their journey. There are some other unique characters, known as Ranters, Ravers and Campaigners, that only appear in specific areas under special conditions.

Special Characters Guide

In this guide, we look at all Ranters, Ravers, and Campaigners and detail the conditions that are required to meet them.

Agnes Dowd

Agnes Dowd can be encountered in the Bayou Swamp from Chapter 2 onward. There are a total of six different encounters and all have unique dialogues. To meet this character, you must travel in the Bayou between 9 PM and 3 AM. The character never appears in the same place, so you must travel through the Bayou each time in the hopes of meeting her: the area is not particularly big, so you shouldn't have any problem.

After each encounter, you will have to wait 48 hours to meet her again: just play the game normally or sleep at camp to make time pass.

Special Characters Guide

Anders Helgerson

Anders Helgerson can be encountered in Saint Denis from 8 AM to 6 PM in Saint Denis from Chapter 2 onward. The man is a recruiter for the Chelonian cult, and he will hand a pamphlet if you interact with him. Given the time you will spend in Saint Denis during Chapter 4, there's a good chance that you will meet Anders Helgerson without even trying.

Armadillo Town Crier

The Armadillo Town Crier can be found in Armadillo, New Austin, during the Epilogue. The character only appears between 8 AM and 7 PM. Interact with the Town Crier and you will be given information about the cholera outbreak in the town.

Blind Man Cassidy

Blind Man Cassidy can be encountered from Chapter 2 onward in four different locations: Blackwater, Annesburg, Cumberland and Tumbleweed. He will tell Arthur's fortune in exchange for a dollar. There are 18 possible interactions with the character, but just interacting with him once will be enough to gain progression for the 100% Completion requirement.

Cave Hermit

The Cave Hermit can be found in the caves located to the west of Hanging Dog Ranch from Chapter 2 onward. There are five possible interactions with the character, but each interaction is only considered complete once you have listened to all he has to say: wait for him to tell you to leave, remain with him for a little while longer and he will show himself to you. You must wait three in-game days to experience the interactions.

Chelonian Master

The Chelonian Master can be encountered only after having complete the whole story mode, Epilogue included. He can be found at all times near the cliff where you saved Jamie from the cult in the We Loved Once and True mission in Chapter 2.

Special Characters Guide

Captain Russell

Captain Russell can be encountered from Chapter 2 onward in the area right under the "V" in New Hanover on the map during the whole day. The man, who is a Union Soldier, will interact with Arthur three different times. Once you have completed the main story, you can interact two more times with him at the same location.

Constipated Man

The Constipated Man can be found in Valentine after completing the Polite Society, Valentine Style mission in Chapter 2. To interact with him, you need to get near the 2A room in the hotel.


Dorothea is found from Chapter 2 onward in Saint Denis between 8 AM and 6 PM. During her interactions, she will try to convince Arthur that women should have the right to vote. Additional interactions are possible by waiting a full in-game day.

Dr. Macintosh

Dr. Macintosh can be encountered after getting to Chapter 2. He will be in Annesburg, where he is trying to share his scientific theories. If you accept his book, you can wait a full in-game day to have another conversation with him.

Eugenics Proponent

The Eugenics Proponent can be encountered between 8 AM and 6 PM in Saint Denis from Chapter 2 onward. During the first encounter, the man will hand Arthur a pamphlet. All following encounters, which can be started by waiting for an in-game day, see the man running away as soon as he spots the outlaw.

Special Characters Guide


The Giant can be found to the north of O'Creagh's Run from Chapter 2 between 8 AM and 8 PM. To get to interact with him, however, you must study 30 different animal species. Once you have cleared this requirement, head to the location and he will speak to you, but only if the weather is clear. Wait three in-game days to interact with him again.


The Hermit is found in a cabin to the north of Annesburg from Chapter 2 onward. The man isn't keen on strangers entering his property and he will shoot at you on sight. Kill him to obtain his rare shotgun and a treasure map.

Homeless Vet Mickey

Homeless Vet Mickey can be encountered in Valentine from Chapter 2 onward. He will ask Arthur for money six times, with a three in-game days gap between encounters. A final, seventh encounter unlocks during the Epilogue.

Joe Butler

Joe Butler can be encountered outside the general store in Rhodes from Chapter 2 onward. There are three possible encounters with the character, with a fourth encounter getting unlocked in the Epilogue. Three in-game days must pass between each encounter.


Jon can be found at the Smithfields Saloon in Valentine from Chapter 2 onward. The character can be encountered between 12 PM and 6 AM. If you listen to his rantings until the end, he will attack you: knock him out to get the Classic Raccoon Mountain Hat.

Lillian Powell

Lillian Powell can be found between 9 AM and 9 PM in Saint Denis from Chapter 2 onward. There are four possible encounters and must wait three in-game days to experience the next one.

Mad Preacher

The Mad Preacher can be encountered in three different locations from Chapter 2 onward. The first meeting with the Mad Preacher will be at the river to the southwest of Strawberry; the second at the river located west of Annesburg; the third at the river located west of Valentine. A fourth encounter is unlocked after reaching the Epilogue: to see it, head to the river to the southwest of Tumbleweed.

Special Characters Guide

Nicholas Timmins

Nicholas Timmins can be found in Strawberry from 8 AM until 8 PM from Chapter 2 onward. The mayor of the city will welcome people to the town during each of the encounters, which can happen three in-game days after the previous one.

Poor Joe

Poor Joe can be encountered from Chapter 2 onward to the north of Annesburg, near the tree he lives in. There are three possible encounters and you must wait three in-game days between them. A fourth and final encounter is unlocked during the Epilogue.


The Reverend can be encountered in Strawberry between 8 AM and 7 PM from Chapter 2 onward. There are two possible encounters with this character and the choices made during the first will change the second interaction. You must wait 24 hours to get the second interaction as well.


The Robot can be encountered after completing the A Bright Bouncing Boy stranger mission. It's located on a mountain directly above the "A" in Ambarino on the map. To help you locate the character, you can use the same lantern used in A Bright Bouncing Boy, as it will glow orange when you get closer to the Robot.

Special Characters Guide


Sonny can be found in a cabin located to the southeast of Lakay, in the Bayou Nwa. You can enter the cabin from Chapter 2 onward. After having dealt with Sonny once, you will wake up outside with less money and all your cores drained. Head back to the cabin to get your revenge and collect a few items.


The Soothsayer will tell you your fortune from Chapter 2 onward. The woman can be found between the Bayou and Bluewater Marsh, but she will change her location each time an interaction has been completed. There are 15 possible interactions, 10 unlocked in Chapter 2 and five during the Epilogue, so it may take some time to see them all, as you must also wait three days to experience the next one.

Sun Worshiper

The Sun Worshiper can only be encountered in the Epilogue. There are are a total of 12 possible interactions, and you must wait three in-game days to experience the next. The Sun Worshiper can be found in Hennigan's Stead for the first three interactions, in Cholla Springs for the fourth, in Rio Bravo for the next five, in Gaptooth Ridge for the tenth and in Rio Bravo for the final two.

Thomas Downes

Thomas Downes can only be encountered before completing the Sodom? Back to Gomorrah mission in Chapter 3. The character can be encountered opposite the stables in Valentine. There are two possible encounters, the first is unlocked before completing the Americans at Rest mission, the second after completing said mission.

Timothy Donahue

Timothy Donahue can be encountered near the barber in Saint Denis from Chapter 2 onward. He is selling a book called Get Rich Quickly, which can be purchased for $50. Purchase it and then wait 2 in-game days to meet him again in the same place. Chase him down to get back your money.

Tumbleweed Sheriff

The Tumbleweed Sheriff can be encountered during the Epilogue in Tumbleweed, New Austin. There are three possible encounters which can be experienced one in-game day after the previous has been seen.

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