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  1. At least your not wrapped up in Destiny 2.
  2. Links would be appreciated...…..
  3. Where do you get this info? Is there a site that shows limited items each week?
  4. Are there any items (guns, clothing, horse stuff etc.) that are only available for a limited time? Have there been any items that were limited and are no longer available? Please Reply.
  5. Im not making much progress in Online ..... and that's because everytime it get kicked offline, I turn off the game for the rest of the day. Please, R* get this fixed.
  6. Keep getting disconnected near the end of stranger quests. Frustrating as hell. Im just about to turn it in for the reward and I get disconnected. Decided to just turn the game off. Will R* be fixing this any time soon?
  7. I just logged into Online Mode and the only option for me is 'Free Roam'..... Is this happening to others as well?
  8. Another player convinced me to keep the game. I was hoping that it would have been fixed or improved by now. Looks like Feb. 26th? Hopefully the issues will be fixed, Im getting sick of it.
  9. For over 2 hours now, I haven't been able to finish any Online Stranger Quest because the damned game kicks me offline right before I finish it. WHEN will this be fixed? Im about to just sell the game and quit.
  10. I have noticed that sometimes the stranger Quests in Online Mode will not activate after conversing. But here lately, it has just gotten worse. The Sherriff in Tumbleweed quest icon has went dark for days on end while other Strangers are lit up orange and when you start the quest, it give you nothing to do. Anyone else having this problem? And when will it be fixed?
  11. So I just spent over an hour playing Online mode and the entire time either the orange quests would not start after accepting them or I would get booted before finishing by Online error code. And the most frustrating thing was I was charged a $2.00 Camp Upkeep Fee. That's over an hour of play with no progress and lost money. WHEN will these things be fixed?
  12. I have been ranking up on Online mode and I noticed that each rank unlocks new items such as horses and clothing, but I cannot locate where to access these items. Where do they go and how do you get them?
  13. I need repeater ammo, but all the gun stores say they are 'Sold Out', how do I get more ammo?
  14. Jeez, I am getting so tired on riding across the map to an orange mission item, accepting the mission, and then realizing it doesn't even start. Then the NPC doesn't have anything to do. Why hasn't this been fixed?
  15. This has got to be the stupidest damned thing. I cannot replay a Mission in Online mode because my Honor isn't high enough?? I am about to just sell this game and move on.
  16. Will the progress and the weapons I have purchased carry on after the Beta phase ends?
  17. PLEASE remove the frickin time limit on Player Assassinations!!! Every time I get this mission, they run away and I never reach them in time!
  18. It feels so poor and repetitive.... dead and empty. Why was it released like this? I quit playing and sold the game.
  19. I constantly ride across the map to a waypoint I set on a white quest only to get there and its either gone or locked... WHY is this happening?
  20. Almost everything about this game seems to suck. In the former Red Dead game I would play for hours and make progress but this is a slow slog of crap that is over complicated. I gave up and doubt I will even finish the game. And ONLINE sucks really bad.
  21. Im just not getting it. And I feel it sucks. let me give you an example. I found a Mexican shooting bottles and he wanted a competition, so I joined in and grabbed my rifle. While shooting the bottles I went to reload and the reload button made me punch him so he started shooting me. I reload the last save and return to the area and he's not there. So I reload the save again and go into the shooting competition and I DONT HAVE A RIFLE ANYMORE! WTH? The save system sucks. The crafting system is over-complicated. I went to kill the legendary bear and I couldn't get anything from it but the skin.... and as I left there was a woman trapped under a horse that needed help so I dumped the skin and helped her, only to find ….. NEVER ****IN MIND. This game sucks.
  22. For some odd reason, this doesn't feel like Red Dead. Way too over-complicated. Played for a few hours and got overwhelmed by the tedious economy of too many crap items and clunky controls. For the first time in my life, a Rcokstar game that I think isn't fun.
  23. Had to start a new game twice now just trying to learn the controls and everything seems to be a very over-complicated mess. The original Red Dead games were fun and this? It just seems like too much. I just cant get the hang of it. Feel very disappointed about it, regret even buying the damned game. There doesn't seems to be as much open exploration, and the amount a crap items and the economy and trying to juggle all this garbage seems over tedious. Anyone else feel this way?
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