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  1. If you didn't see the ending yet, you are in for a treat. I mean I liked the end, but I'm super easily amused tho. My favorite "quest plot" so far hahahahahaha... Good luck fixing it!
  2. I think it's a bug, mine is showing 3 out of 2 talismans, they do their own biding and will magically show on you hahahaha. What is super strange is the talisman showing up even when you didn't craft it yet. I'm about to ask something and the question says where you can locate the item to craft this talisman, so if you don't want spoilers, no need to look in to it and replying
  3. That's what I think it might be... there are "highlighted" areas on the drawing, still looking on it, tried all times of the day already, no change on the view yet for me, this puzzle is too much for my head, IF it's a puzzle ahahahahahaha I might be looking to much into it and it be nothing more than a good view of the world. That would be enough for me too
  4. Yes, using the default Arthur's Satchel. By the way, just went to check the Wardrobe. These are quotes from the game: "The effects of all owned satchels are active no matter which satchel is equipped." "The effects of all owned talismans are active no matter which talismans are showing."
  5. "A Perk will give the player a permanent upgrade" OR so the game says, Talismans act as Trinkets and they give you Perks, in my understanding you only equip them if you wish to show it for aesthetics. I know for a fact that you don't need to equip the specific Satchels for the upgrade to take place, you crafted, it's working. It could be the same with the talismans.
  6. I wish I could be more useful and give the whole list, but I don't have the last Talisman
  7. Now about that, that works with poker too? Can I like win a game, exit the table / Save / try again? The challenge would be insanely easy IF I can get up and save before each try.
  8. That's a TALISMAN, you can have up to 2 Talismans showing on your character. Mine is bugged and is showing 3 of them, but I GUESS you can make 5 Talismans. Bear Claw Talisman ( Shows on Belt ) Raven Claw Talisman ( Shows on Main-holster ) Boar Tusk Talisman ( Shows on Tie ) Bison Horn Talisman ( Shows under Satchel ) Aligator ( ???? Not found him yet ) If you want it removed, go to a Wardrobe and under the Talisman tab you can unequip it... you will still get the bonuses I guess, they are passives
  9. Can someone help me with this... I saw a guy on Youtube saying the couple has a map of where they are, now for me it's not about that... I found the location where they did the drawing... is a different map to each person? IF is the same map for everyone and Youtuber guy just didn't know about the real place... can someone that is doing nothing else or like those kind of treasure hunts confirm the locations the map is showing if there is something cool or nice on them? I mean, I tried to do that, but I'm awful with this stuff, my sense of direction sucks and whenever I get to one I think I might be on the wrong spot. I went back where the couple was to get a picture but they were gone, so I'm betting in GHOSTS here hahahahaha... anyways I also could be wrong with what I'm saying so, sorry about that. PS-EDIT: Didn't see the spoiler button, will make the whole "guide" in spoilers...
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