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  1. I've made a total of 12 attempts on characters so far, 10 girls 2 guys... my last one is the best one? Oh hell no, from my 3rd try onwards, every single time I regreted deleting that character, that was looking like a real goddess, but no, let's redo it because the cheeks could go 1 inch lower... I was NEVER able to recreate that beautiful face again, every other girl was a failure attempt at reaching that maximum beauty..... I'm sad. ANYWAYS, my actual guy right now ( I go into automatic fetal position when I try another girl ), the one I will stick with until they say they fixed the creation system so I don't dive in depression is this guy...
  2. True, but I wanted the ones that are not that openly known... the ones I'll find in those vehicles will be the ones me and another 30.000 people saw and are trying to do.
  3. Anyone knows one? I was using one and I guess someone went public with it because now there are like 7 to 10 people in the area trying the same thing.... Now before you judge me I was playing the game honestly but the way it is right now, at least for me, is impossible, infuriating and is about to make me go full crazy... I was gathering money by hunting, and the trolls were a nuisiance BUT I can deal with them, but not this sh*t, there is no work around this... I spent a ****ing hour gathering pelts and stuff to sell to the butcher with 3* and all, and then the game disconects me because of some error, respawning online sends me across the map and all my stuff that was in the horse go *PUFF*
  4. I like the idea of giving honor points depending on what YOU choose, but if the problem is being bad, it's easier to get bad rep than good... kill everything, leave animals to rot, shoot townsfolk.
  5. Apparently anyone else that don't want to be griefied just for sports is in the wrong here... enjoying the game for what it offers besides killing everything that the sun touches isn't fun or to be cared about so **** everyone that asks for that. As long as it doesn't spoil my fun of killing everyone needlessly I couldn't care less about the other people's fun. Sarcasm apart, if you wish you could let them kill you three times, you can then activate "parley" and for 10 minutes the little goblin can't ransack you. I for one am to proud to use that action and usually end up like you said... killing them back until one side quits.
  6. I had to remake my character.... i was using a male and I kinda made him look good... but for some strange reason the Stubble always went clean shave and he had the odd habit of putting lipstick whenever he entered a building.
  7. don't know how to remake and keep progress like he is saying on the video tho...
  8. to start over, go to player... you can hold SQUARE or X to delete character
  9. I was able to make some ok characters with what we are given, but I still wished it was way better...
  10. I hope they at least fix the honor system in this game, a posse started shooting at me for no reason, I steam rolled all the noobs and got countless bad points for murdering, like WTF? If someone shoot first they should be tagged as hostiles for the rest of the free roam and not count bad reputation for killing the bastards until either A. you or them leave B. lots of minutes passes and they go back to non-hostiles. (EDIT: Without a fight.)
  11. Online? Offline? Vou assumir que seja Offline, vai no google e procura por "Trapper Locations" e tenta liberar elas no mapa, primeiro tenta ver se encontra o trapper em outro local se mesmo assim não funcionar ai você me fala qual capitulo que você ta e o que ta rolando na historia pra você agora?
  12. Got online just now, I wish I had better sliders and options to work with... this is the best I could manage.... she looked nice on the creation part, then on game for some unknown reason her cheeks sunk like my dreams. EDIT: Made another that look slightly better on creation screen, let's hope she doesn't get face-****ed by a rhinoceros when in game.
  13. I tried searching for that "hell wheels" or something like that, but it's not available for me.... Watched some parts of that "Ballads of Buster Scruggs" so many famous people there, yet so little screen time xD... the prospector story was amazingly near my RDR2 experience ahahahahahahaha
  14. I hope the character customization is better than the one in GTA:O, like you can actually click and drag (With some limitation). I made countless tries to get OK looking people in GTA, but then when you looked them in profile view they had a humongous goitre that made them look like a frog and ruined all the 4 hours I spent trying to make them look "Okish". And Arthur oh Arthur, how that was emphasized on the Heists scenes with the character.
  15. Anyone have a good news channel to share info on Red Dead Online? The ones I follow are bombing with the "news" about some players already playing online this weekend because the achievments show some progress, those lazy ****s didn't even check the game or the trophy system up until now? I've saw 0.1% on PS4 since ealry november, it's a clickbait cluster**** with "online release date" and it's all "late november" with minor alteration because some dumb journalist forgot a word on the article.
  16. Do not worry, like I said I had to complete that entire chapter before the alligator showed up, he only showed up in Chapter 6.
  17. Well I rushed in the first playthrough because I like RDR story, and I know myself enough to know that when the online part of it comes I will rarely go back to single-player. Now that I already know everything that is to know I'm replaying and doing everything else I deemed unworthy of my time in the first playthrough, ( Like donating perfect carcass to the museum and fully upgrading the camp. ) until the online part comes up.
  18. Is that a bug? I thought it was a feature ahahahahaha, like you die and people steal sh*t form your corpse. I only thought that because the only weapons that went missing were the ones I was holding on my hand and also the ones I didn't buy, it never happened to a bought weapon, if it vanished when I woke up it would still be on my horse but not equipped. EDIT: Btw, if it's a weapon that you didn't buy... (e.g: Pump-Action Shotgun) you can go back to the Weapon lockbox you found it in, and it will be there again, it happened to me.
  19. That little motherf..... My game bugged with that piece of sh*t, so it did with many others when I checked online, it is suposed to show when you finish that mission, BUT for some it doesn't, mine only showed up in CH.6... from 4 to 5 I went checking and it didn't come, maybe try progressing some more and try again later. What Kormath said could be true too, first time I went there and the "Legendary Animal area" window popped up, it said the place was busy with too many events or something, some random encounter can happen in that area, I finished the encounter and waited a day or two before trying again, and it showed for me.
  20. Gambler Challenge 10: 3 consecutive poker wins. A. Have it ready at Chapter 4. Trewlaney will have a mission where you need to go on a boat. After the mission you will have 2 wins already, last one can be done in Flatneck. MOST of the time an All-in will make the NPCs fold. B. Flatneck Station, win one, all-in the other 2 (this is how I got in the first playthrough)
  21. Alright, I'm telling what happened to me, I didn't follow a guide so I found the clues in a different order. First I found the tree, than the guy on the tracks, but the last one on the side of the road never showed up... going back to the Tree there was the last clue, in the same place as the first. Try looking again at the other two places, maybe the serial-killer made the same crime twice.
  22. Oh, that's nice, I didn't do that route, when I was there I kept going up and down near the trapper and it took ages to spawn 1 cougar... when I went to the other place it was like 1 cougar every night or two, it only took me more than an hour because I was nitpicky and only wanted to kill 3* rating cougars. You can go on foot between the shack where I slept and the forest where they spawn, it's super close.
  23. I know this is basic knowledge and you might already have checked that, BUT I had the pamphlet for poison arrows in my inventory and just forgot to read it.... If you don't have one in your inventory and the place you went is the right place but it isn't there, I got mine from a random encounter, around the Bayou area. I found a guy acting all drunk and puking, helped him with a health cure and he warned me about the Orleander Sages, how they are posionous and he gave me the recipe for poison arrows.
  24. I'll try to do what I asked you about, gimme some minutes, IF I'm manage to do it I will post a step by step image guide, even if it doesnt work I will update you about it. UPDATE: Alright it seems what happened to me the other day was just a coincidence that I got a hat that I was able to steal... you're right, doing what I suggested makes the hat vanish. Sorry for not being able to help you.
  25. Can't you save it on the horse? It can hold up to 5 hats there. (if you already have 5 hats there, go to wardrobe, remove unwanted hats and leave at least one free space, IF I'm not mistaken, when you go to your horse equipment and change to default hat, it will be stored on the horse) I don't know if this one works but have you tried saving as an outfit on the wardrobe maybe it saves the hat you are wearing with the outfit?
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