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  1. I tried looking there, but took me a lot longer then the other place... There is a shack near the train tracks what I did was, sleep in the shack until night, go out looking for cougar until 5 AM, back to shack sleep until night, go out looking for cougar until 5 AM and so on, I would save often between search because I was also looking for 3* rating cougars so I could load if the cougar wasn't a 3* one. Putting the place where I found the cougars in spoilers, so you can choose to see it or go find it on your own
  2. You can also go get it for free as soon as you hit free roam, there ia place where you can loot a weapon box and there you have the Pump-Action, and the Volcanic pistol sucks btw.
  3. From my experience the trinket does not ADD a star to your hunt, I mean at least for me, or I understood the trinket wrong and when I see a 2* it means it would be a 1*, but now that I have the trinket it's a 2? What happens to me is when I kill a 2 star I still get good pelt from it, BUT if I mess up a 3 star and it lowers it to a 2 star I may still get a perfect pelt, sometimes it happens sometimes it's lowered to a good one like it should be. Except for snakes, my tip would be: use a small game arrow, follow it until it prepares to attack and shoot it in the head. It's the easiest way to guarantee a perfet skin, I got a body hit on a snake and it still went on and about, the second shot killed it but lowered it to a 1 star rating. <- Maybe I'm just unlucky tho.
  4. My lantern got removed from the quick bar, but it was in the horse equipment window, I'm betting you lost it when you died, some times you randomly unequip an item in your quickbar when you die. Try checking your horse where the melee weapons should be, my lost lantern was there ready to be re-equiped... and follow Kormath advice, that thing is insanely more useful than the lantern, at least for me
  5. NVM... I re-reading it I understood your statement wrongly the first time XD
  6. I'm going to follow that way of thinking, trying to grind from 0 to 10 of the same challenge makes me want murder whoever thaught about some of the challenges... that "Hunter Master 6" or whatever the cougar one number is, was a pain in the ass to do all in one go. 3 hours running around the same spot hoping for cougars to show up.
  7. That's what happened yesterday, I had to leave so I saved and out of curiosity I loaded the game to see if the progress was still there... nope, all gone... at least that what's happened to me, nowdays with all the bugfest games have I can't say for certain that it was an isolated case or not, anyways posted the tip, because it's better safe than sorry ahahahaha
  8. Those policeman should follow that advice you gave Sparky-bae... I'm impressed how none of them have any fear, Saint Denis employed spartans. "Look, 30 of our guys dead on the choke point, with us will be different! CHARGE!"
  9. I used the round table knights names for my horses. Because you know, I'm not original or creative. Got a full stable with: Guinevere, Galahad, Lancelot and Tristan... Lancelot was going to be named "Austin Powers" originally, because goldmember (the horse have gold coat) but I got profanity on the name and I don't know why, btw anyone knows why would toggle the profanity? (I'm not a native english speaker, I don't see anything wrong with Austin Powers)
  10. Trying to test how high it could go I ended with 1.5k, Chapter 4, Saint Denis. Lost a domino match.
  11. Sorry was trying to edit and accidentaly Quoted myself >.<
  12. That's exactly what I did... Save before any encounter with difficult to find animals like the Panther and the Moose, sometimes they didn't even spawn BUT for me 8 out of 10 times they did spawn with a lower rating and I reloaded the animal spawned again.
  13. Finally got it finished but now, after 2 consecutive wins the same guy with an IQ of a door became a Domino Jedi and it's not letting me win the last one... BTW quick tip, do not save and load, the game allows you to quit if you are loosing and you keep your win streak progress but reloading the save in the middle of the challenge resets it back to 0.
  14. I'm paying huge online money to anyone that give me info on where the Blackjack dealer's families lives. Double rewards if you know about both of them.... This gambler challenge is utter bullsh*t, that's already 3 ****ing times I was able to hit 3 and end up with 19-21 and this little mother****er either push me or win the bet... one time he had the AUDACITY to hit 3 times and get 1 point higher than me, just to shove in my face... this bitch should be in Hogwarts with all this wizardry sh*t he is pulling.
  15. Oh I see, I'm about to finish chapter 4, I'm still thinking about doing it now or when I finish the story... or maybe both? I already not that from chapter 5 to 6 things get chaotic and might not be a good time for random stuff.
  16. I think you shant worry fellers... From my GTA experience when someone used an exploit to get rich they either get banned or get their bank account wiped. Even if anything big happens to the point where they need a full server wipe or rollback, or just wipe everything for a fresh start when it comes out of the BETA, they will probably give people something for their efforts, I can't remember how many times I had cash going into my GTA:O bank account because R* wanted to give it for free.
  17. Oh you meant not having a Bandolier equiped and still get the benefits from it? I just removed the bandolier from the outfit and I'm still holding 400 ammo... it could be because the outfit had the bandolier before, or it works without one too.
  18. It's the same with Talismans, weapon equipment unfortunately doesn't stack, if you get the upgraded ones for like 400 repeater ammo, you will get 400 repeater ammo even when you got 4 different bandoliers... at least that's my experience so far, I don't have all of them yet to confirm if it will change or not.
  19. You don't need to choose one upgraded satchel over another upgraded satchel, lets say you upgraded tonics and then valuables, when you get the valuables the tonics upgrade is still in effect or so it should be that way. Like everyone said, aim for Legend, there is no downside to upgrading your satchel only benefits hahahaha Here is where I take my statement from:
  20. I was not expecting this, thank you ahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahaha
  21. can't you load it to a previous save where you actual horse shows.... my game sometimes tries to play tricks on me, the game replaces my usual horse with a shitty horse, using the same custom Mane, same custom Tail and also same Name, but is a total different horse, the only fix I was able to do is re-load a previous game until the right horse shows
  22. I don't remember the amount, but I do remember what I did, I was in cinematic mode and the Idiot Magnet on my horse turned on, I auto ran into another guy that was sight-seeing in the middle of the road in Valentine, I was charged with assault he was charged with dynamite to the chest, trying to take care of the lonely witness one thing leads to another and at the end I was shooting an elderly woman when I tried to take cover at the Inn... I was feeling like I was on the Mad Max movie, my character was shooting everything while yelling "WITNESS THIS!" to the town.
  23. I'm counting the seconds for the online part to come out I'm considering hibernation until late november, I finished the game twice and I'm starting to try a third time just because I can't get enough of it.... I can't say what I'm exicited about right now because I don't trust anything that isn't official from R* so I can only talk about real stuff after it's released ( even the leaks that I didn't see they confirming it ) BUT I do have a list of hopes I wished it came true for the online part hahahaha What I want to see is the same thing from RDR1 but "bigger, better, stronger"... meeting random people and going for a gang hideout to shoot all those AI enemies. More CO-OP feel than all these online experiences in all the other games. Getting weapons for finishing missions, doing feats or whatever else. Heist like mission without any kind of restriction, you can solo, you can duo, you can use your whole Posse for it kinda like the last doomsday heist... high risk - high reward stuff, you can do it all alone, but it will be hard AF and it will be worth it OR you can go safe, enter with 200 people and get a dollar for each. Be able to challenge people for Duels on free roam. ( Holstered Cowboy Pistol showdown ) Drunken bar brawls. Free roam races, much like the strangers you meet, be able to challenge someone to a race out in the open and not only on instanced race tracks or missions. Cool craftables that will make me want to go out of my way to find a rare pink fairy armadillo hiding on the blue side of the moon. Now what I don't want to see, is K/D warriors dancing around and shooting you for no reason whatsoever with bullsh*t fast shooting BB guns that can out-DPS a cannon. Unfortunately I know I'm daydreaming on this one. On that note I only hope it doesn't turn out to be like a free-for-all deathmatch where being a cowboy on the old west is a luxury you can't have.
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