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  1. I would like to see game play myself but we will likely just get a tid bit more on the story and maybe some confirmed characters. I am hoping if John Marston is in the game, they do a bit of a teaser at the end of the next one to confirm it without even showing him.
  2. May. The last game came out in May. Summer is around the corner from May. Sales will be good seeing as no other major games will be coming out then.
  3. Yup. That is the way I see it. Delays suck but it just means we get a better game. They are taking the time to really finish it and not just rush production and miss a lot of crap that would possibly make the game bad. I know it takes a long time just to test for glitches once games are finished. My guess is that Jan - March will be just that.
  4. They will be the same. Most people will be on to enjoy the game and a few weeds will be on to troll. Nothing like GTA V, thankfully. Love that game but could never enjoy it unless I played it with a decently large group of friends so we could take over a whole server.
  5. I guess I have it easy... My dad walked out on me and my mom when I was 14. Know what I do for father's day? Me and my mom go out to eat and celebrate him being a scumbag. lol We have done this since I was 15. She has since remarried and I do like my step dad but he knows that he won't get gifts from me.
  6. Been reading some posts over the last few months on the blog end of the site. Figured I would join here seeing as I have a ways to go till RDR2 comes out. Not sure how active I will be but I will do my best. It has been a long time since I was on a forum other than reddit. How is everyone doing tonight?
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