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  1. 1 - Learning the Map, exploring, having the feeling of a new expanse which could hold anything and everything. 2 - Learning the RDR2 Online meta, understanding how encounters will go down, learning new strategies and techniques to better opponents. 3 - Being in a desert, I really like deserts.
  2. I am personally hoping the map is impossible to completely explore, at least in a detailed sense. I have easily 60+ days in GTA 5 and occasionally I still get the pleasure of noticing something new, going down a road I had never gone down before or just experiencing a different part of the map. And if the rumours are true and the map is bigger than GTA 5, couple that with the slow moving horses and more natural landscapes I think it may well be the case a decent amount of players never see all of it.
  3. It's a funky situation. I guess we will see if the split game and collectors box is something that sticks. On the one hand some customers will pay a lot more, and on the other many people (myself included) opted out of it when It's something I would have considered where it a single bundle. I guess GTA 6 or bully 2 or whatever is next will show
  4. What I meant was in terms of giving money for items, similar items can be had for far cheaper, so without the rockstar branding the value is objectively poor. But whether you feel the name and styling on the items is worth the money is entirely individual. And I get what you mean, when the only "collecting" you are doing is forking over money before a deadline the romance and magic disappears for me, and I tend to be a bit of a hoarder myself.
  5. I think the idea of value is more or less objective, the items would normally not cost even half that much. However if that is something you really want and are willing to pay a premium for then go for it, although I think the long term purchasing it is more damaging for the industry than not.
  6. Yeah I agree about skipping the zombies thing this time around, and by horror I don't mean solely supernatural. Someone mentioned folk lore and that could be quite interesting. I'm sort of hoping for a more subtle approach to story telling with the increased map size, and supposedly better NPCs. Like you enter a town and hear whispers of something, maybe there are newspapers on the ground for the more observant people to pick up on with more information, you gather clues as you go - the type of stuff you need to keep an irl pen and pad for. One thing that consistently disappoints me (it was the case in the GTA Online revolver mission) is when you get given clues and intreage, open the map to get your bearings and their is a big fucking circle saying "ITS IN HERE SOMEWHERE, MAYBE YOU SHOULD LOOK HERE". Makes the whole thing pointless, a horror story that you play out yourself, where you are the driving force would be insanely cool.
  7. even if gun-play is directly lifted from GTA V, the different weapons, terrain and vehicles should be enough to fundamentally change how the combat plays out and the communities attitudes towards it. That's what I find so interesting, while we can guess about what guns will be in the game - how they will effect the game is something way more exciting and unpredictable.
  8. I get where you're coming from with the fist fights. I hope it's not as clumsy as everything in GTAO is. That thing is an absolute disaster of game design, really really poor - I'm hoping R* learns their lessons and doesn't double down on the shit. One thing I'm really hoping for is varied weapon usage, where using a revolver or knife and lassoo are actually viable options - This would take lot's of delicate balancing, and balancing is certainly one of R*s weaknesses so we will have to see.
  9. I think we have to admit RDRO will be somewhat Similar to GTAO, which has a very strong and distinct combat Meta. One thing i'm really excited for is seeing play styles and patterns emerge, do yall think it'll be a sniper cluster f*** like GTA or more slow and western-y?| I also hope we are given the opportunity for no Blip lobbies like GTA 4 had, so you do the progression but occasionally bump into another player. This could also mean players can ambush hot locations, or in turn be counter ambushed. Will horses be a big asset for the online combat? will wagons? will stealth be a possiblity? So many possibilities, i'd love to hear yall thoughtsss
  10. I'm alot like that aswell. I didn't buy a PS4 untill last year when they announced they would cancel the GTA 5 online character transferals, so I just went screw it and got a whole new console just to keep my online character. - It might also be worth considering Xbox has the backwards RDR compatibility...
  11. I doubt it'll happen, If it hasn't been announced yet it wont be. But I hope it does! Apparently PS4 is getting content early, and as shit as that is it's probably worth going PS4. Especially since the PS4 plus games are better, and you can play with me! :3
  12. Im gonna have to ask the obvious... why doesn't the ultimate edition come with everything? Unless i'm mistaken it sounds as if you don't get the GTA $$ or the extra treasure map unless you pre-order a digital copy, which evidently excludes the hard case and poster. so its not the true ultimate edition. So if you buy physical you don't get the $$ and map, but if you buy digital you don't get the Steelbook and poster. It sounds like they are trying to split their ultimate editions for the handful of people who need to have it all, and will buy both. If that's the case that is truly scummy. Also locking missions of behind paywalls and pre-order bonuses is pretty disgusting. What happened to the special editions with a few skins and guns, and a few fun IRL trinkets? why do we have to buy a special edition just to get the complete game, then fork out just as much money again to get far too much junk. Why couldn't they just include a coin, pack of cards and some other shit along with the base game? This is really disappointing, if that is the case. I don't know if R* monitors these kinds of boards but I own every single Mainline R* game since the PS1 era and this is really really worrying .
  13. Thought id bump this now the forum is bigger. still something im very interested in
  14. With the release of the second trailer I think it's time we talk about the direction of the game. Starting off with setting: The game looks like it will be set in more forest and grassland than the previous title, with very little desert, mesa and badlands. I really don't like this, I found in the original the greatest moments where traveling through the deserts and canyons at night with a torch in hand to really feel the western spirit, I remember destinctly disliking tall trees and black water because of how generic and unapealing the environment was, this trailer has me worried, Mr morgan, who im guessing is a protagonist, is really odd looking, this might just be how often he looks directly at or beyond the camera to deliver lines or how bulbus and swollen his face is. I don't know, the first trailer had me beaming, this one left me a little concerned. I'd love to hear your thoughts on other elements that where shown off, and how you think they will differ from the original.
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