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  1. Really is a crapshoot as far as servers go. Had a dude blaring his music into the mic on his headset and laughing about it. Shot a message off to everyone else in the server as a warning, then I returned the favor. Blaring Judas Priest and Lamb of God into the mic until he just started bitching and complaining. He ended leaving our server and peace was restored.
  2. I and many people will never spend money for gold. Can grind and get it. Plus already paid 80 for the game. They've got my money, and not a penny more. All of the suggestions have been great, my only concern is about no gamertag on top of no blip. I just see that as something that would backfire and give the griefers a little more leverage. Could do with less of that personally. Because as it stands, the past two weeks have been horrendous when it comes to these assholes for no reason. You get revenge then they run or want to parley. In your own great words, "candy asses".
  3. The problem I am having with my horse is the bonding level keeps resetting. I had a level 4 bond and earned the gold belt buckle and it keeps resetting. But if I target and show info on horse it shows that the bond meter is full. Yet I log on and start playing, then I get the bond level 1 message and so on. Also got the prompt telling me I earned the buckle for that reward, but go into my awards page and it shows up empty and shows I haven't completed the challenges. Confused as all hell over this one.
  4. They are fun and pay better than the missions for the rates. You get cash, xp, and gold out of them. After playing a couple of hrs mixed free roam and series matches with a buddy, i am sitting at 1.49 with gold, 109.19 in cash and gained enough xp to reach level 13. They seem to pay the best if you factor in time and fun.
  5. He was definitely one of the mvp members of the F13 forums.
  6. That is. Had a posse ambush me in the middle of a mission where I was delivering mail.
  7. What is going on folks. I recognize a good many of my peers and friends from the F13 forum. Look forward to many jokes and debates on this forum.
  8. Funny seeing you here. How is that F13 forum holding up?
  9. And then the F13 circle was completed. What's going on fellas? Cokey, Hanson, Bropollo, Truth, and Freddie? Figured I would give this place a crack and see how it is. Personally I just want to play for the robbing and shootouts etc. Nudity not being in the game or sex scenes in no way bothers me. But I am not going to say it would not add an extra layer of immersion. Just biding my time to be able to play online Thurs.
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