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  1. The apple that looked like a coffee machine that had made love with an ATM. 20th Anniversary Mac (1996-1997) Apple's Twentieth Anniversary Macintosh is a limited-edition personal computer that was released in celebration of the company's 20th birthday. It cost almost $8,000. Despite its poor sales, the TAM remains a popular item amongst dedicated Macintosh collectors. As of 2010, complete working machines with boxes were selling for $1,000.
  2. Does not fit in this game for me I would rather they implement bonus stats in different environments but not limit anything
  3. GTA will always gather more people I think but there is more than enough room for RDR 2.
  4. I think the correct question should be: What can they offer in RDR2 to make people want to exploit the game (ignoring god mode cheats, wall hacks and other similar things that plague many online games). In GTA V it makes sense, everyone wants a new car or property that takes time to save up for. In RDR2 they could possibly offer property and maybe new quests or areas where one can go and clean out bandits but I'm not sure if people would want this as much as the things they want in GTA.
  5. It has to be all about the money. Strict contracts/NDA's and no doubt heavy monitoring of anything released online regarding the title to prevent leaks of any kind. The more they can hide the more they can push up the excitement any hype. I don't want any leaks but I would like some more information from them just to keep me from going mad.
  6. You make a good point and I think it all depends on how much effort they would be willing to put in to get something with multiple characters to work. I would love if they had two, perhaps a Male/Female combo but I also know that playing as a woman back at the time would also not really fit in as nicely. As long as we get a good story then I don't mind too much.
  7. I liked it in GTA V and I think it worked. Playing a bit with Michael and seeing his family and then jumping to Trevor to cause all sorts of trouble was fun. I just wish they had a playable female character. At the end of the game I loved Michael more but I also liked playing with Trevor because he was so mad. They could still make a main character you can attach to but having one or two others that play differently and have different things happening will be fun. One day you are robbing some old people with one character and the next day you are working on a ranch helping those same people out with a different character.
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