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  1. I think Anthem blows rdrO off its socks. I'm waiting for it,when its out i put rdr2 under a rock next to gtav.
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    Yep your right ,get totally bored at this online game. Almost rank 70 only by doing the sidemissions,hideouts,fishing and hunting. That showdown and Gunrush and dont care about that because i'm no pvp player. Most off my frends have stopt the game already because it's borring. Doing stuff over and over again is just BS. R* need to fix most off the online crap and put in new pve contents. I think before they get things fix and ad new gamecontents most people have stopt the game and maybe never coming back. R* shoots them self in there foot like this. It's a shame R* failt again.
  3. I have talk about this problem with my frends. We got to the point of believing that R * liked this game play and support this idiots to. Why you think? First of al its about money making for R* when its hard for someone to get dollars they sel more goldbars. So instead fixing the griefers trolls Isue they put in more pvp action. So more off that idiots coming in the game. Iff they fix this isue those idiots are gone so potentiƫl clients for selling goldbars goes first by R*. Tell me why don't they fix the griefers problem before putting on a new game mode like the fortnite.
  4. No i don't mean the rooftop easy xp on off Saint Denis. It was in Strawberry and for sure he was glitching from 1 side to the other side on that rooftop. He gets invinseble by doing that so you can't shoot him properly . I call that BS .
  5. When we got in trouble by trolls ore griefers, we just report them with all of us. And with in some minutes they are gone from server. How i don't now i guess disqenection because of this, we have put in a big hunt on someone who had killt 1 off us for no reason. Afhter we killt him allot we get a diqenection with whole of the posse (4man). Yesterday night there whas a rooftop glitcher (rank 17) pfff ,killing everyeone in town. So we all reported him for cheating and put in the comment rooftop glitcher. In minutes he whas gone in the server. So i think that report helps. Not fun when your mates loss there stuff because the get killt close to the butcher. my opinion weekends are just bad in rdr i think to mutch kids ore totally life lose moroons in the game, alot off idiots have got the game with christmass and only whant to grief ore troll normal players. I blame R* for this situation they fix nothing about this while this is the biggest problem, putting in a gamemode like fortnite in it and selling goldbars. Bravo R*
  6. Thats right ,but they hate them asswel. It's more and more build for kids to play the game, thats why they are gaming more games like arma on pc. That they play on there xbox it's because they have kids, and showing there kids daddy's shooting skills.
  7. Not very true in my opinion, when someone starts the game with a rank 4/5 they have no chance in the showdown series. First thing they have to do is ranking up in the freeroam untill rank 40 and making the dollars voor buying and upgrading there abilitycards. The comparison of a battlefield aim and the RDRo aim is mutch bigger then you think. When someone is a pve player and need pvp cards for in a freeroam i think you missing the point to, so why R* put in pve abilitycards then ? And why is a real pvp player saying this is to easy like this, this is just for noobs he calt it. (and he's not the only 1 that i no said this) . I think he's right about it there is little skill needed in the pvp match in RDRo. He and my brother are topscoreboard players in shooting games like battlefield for many years, if they have 10/1 k/d they have a bad day and going to do relaxing game. I think they now what real pvp means. They call this pvp in RDRo bvb ( baby's versus baby's) (bitches versus bitches)
  8. The so callt pvp players in RDRo ore not real pvp players, real pvp players my frend say's it clearly. Real pvp players hate autoiam/abilitycard nonsens. This so callt pvp players are just bad in real pvp games like Battlefield and go do pvp games in this game and think they are great players, but just are winning kids. Asspecialy when a pve player ask for those pve servers or private servers they starts to cry because they can't bully no one then. When i let my frend with my character do the pvp like showdown in RDRo he **** them up badly because off the abilitycard i have ( i'm high rank and have the good cards). Then it becomes to easy for him he told me ,in 20min he played the showdown serie he already new the respawnpionts and he can drop people like flies. But my frend is not a person how is gaming like that. He say's this pvp is just BS and did stop to play it and say's i'm not doing this pvp game anymore it just sucks. I think R* specialy made de game for winning bully's instead real pve and pvp players. Like GTA5 all over again. (But you can buy goldbars)
  9. I frend off my laught his balls off. He is a real pvp gamer in games like Battlefield. He is trying out RDRo now and was going in the showdown series game and did't now about the abilitycards. I told him about the cards and send him a real good setup for the cards that you can find on YouTube. When he saw that he stops playing the showdown inmediatly, said about it ( Thats realy crap, 1.the autoaim its just for noobs he told me , 2. Why the hell you need a abilitycard setup / Thats just like cheating a game he told me. Lower rankt people never have a real change to stand up/out then.) That are words from a real diehard pvp gamer. So whats pvp in RDRo then ? For noobs that can't aim properly / giving higher rankt people more change to win a battle because off the beter abilitycards. I callt it big failer of R* , messing up pve gamers by noobie's pvp gamers. Myself like pve gaming but i have pvp abilitycards for making it easy for griefers/trolls in the freeroam. GOODJOB R* (But you can buy goldbars)
  10. Ik think i whas Lucky yesterday night. StevenKreg posted here that he did not see any moving boat yesterday, so i checkt it late last night and i found 1 in 5 min. I posted a picture aswell, but today StevenKreg sends me an invite and i was going to look with him for a little steamboat and weird enough there aint any moving boats anymore. I had to go very afhter and thought i go look for it later on. When i came home i was going to look for any boats with my Posse members but nothing there. So why have R* put them out ? You could do totaly nothing with it and was just for fun to drive them. Is R* Beta made for take all off the fun out off the game ? There is not mutch to do in the freeroam as for doing side missions and collecting herbs and animals. So a little fun with a boat can be handy sometimes.
  11. Did it ones , the guy was near me and i didn't have time for that BS off running away. I was collecting herbs and hunting , so i run to him waved. He was stunned by my action for a moment and then shot me lol. Same guy thankt me with a message an said he never would go hunt for me because he didn't whant to shot an other online player. Where going our own way afther that i could go on with my herbs and hunting and he was doing the side missions on his own.
  12. Thats weird, i sniped the guy i try to shoot him with a shotgun noting helpt. We even tried to get him out off his camp. Nothing workt for us. Have you raised your whiteflag ? I think the guy was laughing is balls off.
  13. RdrO Sins Day 1 , Rank 59. Playing only pve Hunting/Fishing/Herbs and the side missions. Maybe 1 hour played the pvp match. If i whane go shooting i go to Battlefield ore Call of duty game, auto iam in pvp its just mnaaaaaaa (idiot). Story mode game (single player) Sins Day 1 , 87% full game. And 100% at story. Like exploring the map, having fun with frends.
  14. When your in a Posse with 4 man, you can close them in. You can use fast travel to, so you get 2 man infront and 2 at the back. Do i like the mission= NO . Euphoric77 , your not the only 1 with a fast horse. I have seen 1 running to his camp and we can't get him becausse he whas in his camp thats a way to. I do the fast travel up and down the map they never got to me on time. I also hate it when they are not able to catch you on time they troll you afther time limmit is don, thats a little messt up.
  15. Send me a frend invite ( johnnydope ) i will show you the boats when i am online.
  16. Maybe we can team up ? Where with a couple of frends and have a little posse to, all mature players. We do most of the time pve like side missions ,hunting\ fishing and gatering herbs. EU times. Send me a frend invite iff you whant. johnnydope . You can also look at the - RDR2 Online Posse Club -
  17. Dude go to the West along the shore from Saint Denise . Bin online for you to check. There are boats as you see
  18. I go see that tomorow, maybe they fix it. But about 2 hours ago I was online and there were boats in it. Lol
  19. Ok sorry about that then Kean. We only have that respawn next to wolfs maybe 2 times so far.
  20. Feel free to join our Posse, where Dutch so on EU times. We have a Englisch guy and 2 French people in the Posse. We talk Englisch and we are mature players. We helping lower rankt posse members with hunting/fishing and side missions. I have RDR2 Online Posse Club on the Xbox. Just send a frend invite to johnnydope .
  21. Feel free to join the Posse , where mature players. Just send a frends invite to johnnydope . Where Dutch ,but have a Englisch dude and 2 French people in the Posse. We talk Englisch in the Posse.
  22. Cougar as not rare , alway's gespawns near tumbleweed. It's a bit nerft now but still he comes everytime on the exact same place. Have done so i callt it ( the cougar run ) In less then 3min from butcher to couger and back to butcher. Fastes time i did it was 2min 30sec. Now i changed the run because its a bit nerft now. Now i do first couger from butcher and back then i take the bighorn ram because the bighorn ram comes instead of the cougar then. Then i take the cougar again because he is back then so on so on. Have put the film on the xbox communitie. Now i'm looking into a spot near Bonnie's range ,it seems to be there are spawning 3 cougars back. But whant to figger it out first.
  23. Other wise look for the RDR2 Online Posse Club its my club you can see that we are 1 to.
  24. yes there are boats on the xbox to, look at Saint Denise ore Black water. You have canos and rowingboats. Also you can swim to the steamboats and take the driver of it out and just hold Y so you can drive it for yourself. Mayby when your in a bad server you see nothing just jump server then.
  25. I think it's there about 2 weeks allready, we found it couple weeks ago.
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