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  1. No the reason you can't buy it as a minor is so a minor cant buy the game after his parent said no and probably because of legal reasons. But it all comes down to your parent mine arent really that strict i was allowed to play any game i wanted because at the end of the day its just a game.
  2. Im sure it wouldn't be too hard to add in a feature where if a guy damages you first and if you killed him you wouldn't have to pay.
  3. If someone kills you while you have items on your horse then the player who killed you should have to pay you what your stuff was worth. Say someone kills you when you have $20 worth of pelts on your horse the player who killed you should have to pay you $20. This should end the players who camp at the butcher and players who grief hunters.
  4. Is it okay to ban someone for breaking rules they agreed to? Yes Btw they dont get permanent bans
  5. You agreed to the rules when you signed up. Cant sue someone for something you agreed to lol.
  6. Why would i report to MS and not rockstar? Because im on xbox and everyone has to follow Microsofts rules in every game. I hardly report people so when i get a message telling me they took action on my report i know exactly who they are talking about.
  7. I never said rockstar bans anyone we tell them too and i highly doubt lag causes people to be griefed. Look all im saying is griefing is against the code of conduct why are you even arguing with me? All you need to do is go to anyones profile hell even yours go to report and then down to unsporting behavior and griefing is listed as one of the rules you can break.
  8. I highly doubt a company said you could harass and ruin someone elses experience. You "i know players have been banned in other games, while others do the exact same thing and got reported and still played for months or years without any consequences" Okay, the zodiac killer murdered a lot of people and was never caught the police dont even know what he looks like. That happened over 50 years ago and was never punished... There ya go ladies and gentlemen murder is now LEGAL according to this guy.
  9. Doesnt matter what rockstar does doesn't matter if they get banned the point is griefing on xbox is against the code of conduct and btw if a person gets enough reports for the same reason then that guy will definitely be banned. Know your rules i bet you didnt even read the rules you just clicked accept and went on your way. Btw please stop saying that Microsoft doesnt enforce their rules. Microsoft is probably one of the strictest gaming companys. Sony on the other hand probably does nothing.
  10. I don't have a problem with killing.. I have a problem with griefers.
  11. Oh simple. Just gotta know the rules and if someone breaks them BAM report time.
  12. The game definitely does not allow griefing since i already gotten a player banned because he camped at the butcher and killed me causing me to lose my pelts. Do you remember when you created your account and it had you read the code of conduct? yeah well everyone has to follow those rules. Doesn't matter what rockstar allows its what Microsoft allows that matters. rockstar could tell you that swearing and being racist is okay yeah well guess what? Microsoft can still ban you because you are following THEIR rules not rockstars. All rockstar can do is make and enforce more rules.
  13. Its because sony is greedy. They are trying to force people to buy a ps4. Spider man was for ps4 only too.
  14. Looked up trailer was going to buy it but i can't because its not on xbox. Congratulations sony you lost a sale
  15. In gta try hards would kill themselves to avoid dying from a player.
  16. Maybe they have bullet proof helmets. Only joking. But are you sure you're not just hitting their hat? Because i always accidentally get hat shots. Good for free hats but not very good at killing.
  17. I think rdr2 is the best game of the year. The story was amazing. Assassins creed odyssey was pretty good too.
  18. Go to their profile and hit report.
  19. Are you sure you didnt buy a new one? If you it X to form posse then that buys you a new one. You gotta hit A on your posse in the list of all posses and then hit "reform posse"
  20. I know its supposed to be "you are" thats why i corrected you. Im not offended btw.
  21. Actually most of the player base hates griefers. Yes they like PvP i like PvP but killing people isnt griefing it can be though if abused. Say a player kills you a few times and you get on your horse and leave and that player follows you and kills you multiple more times basically forcing you to leave the lobby because he wont let you play the game. That would be griefing. Now say a player kills you because you're doing a mission he want to destroy that wouldn't be griefing. A griefer is a player who goes out of his way to irritate and harass another online player. Griefing is not something people want... PvP is. Don't confuse the two.
  22. Yeah i mean just because you get killed doesn't mean they are griefers. I was trying to sell my pelts and this players killed me lost all my pelts and continued to kill me and everyone around for a good 10 minutes. I reported him to Microsoft for griefing and the next day i got a message from Microsoft telling me he is banned. So griefing is definitely not allowed.
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