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  1. Sorry peeps... Been off the grid for a while. I've added everyone that's requested it, and although I've not been playing, there's enough people here that you should be able to meet up with at least someone. Write a little response saying if you're still active, so other people can join you.
  2. It's called a joke... Get a ****ing grip..
  3. Yeah. If it was bigger, maybe the size of a Turkoman, it would be the ideal horse.
  4. Well... Send me a message or a party invite when y'all are on. I more than happy to pal about with you.
  5. Excellent. Welcome aboard. Gimme a wee add on Xbox, Gamertag is HooverRAD, and we'll see about hitting the trail together.
  6. The cow will sometimes spawn there too, but they're a lot more rare than the bull, and rarer still to get a perfect one.
  7. The wrap reduces the frequency that a weapon degrades, so you clean it less wit a wrap on it. Well... At least in single player, anyway..
  8. If you reach that destroyed cabin up at Lake Isabella, then save your game, you can load back up, go up to the cabin, then make your way down to the water. One will usually spawn 8f you do that. If it doesn't, or it isn't 3 stars, just load back up and try again.
  9. I was expecting that to go somewhere else, but was a good wee story. The thing is, we're an Island race, and there's not any native black people from here, so it isn't uncommon to hear terms like this that would offend other people, that mean absolutely nothing other than an are that you're from. Like people from Cumbernauld are all Jakies..
  10. Have added new members to the Posse, but they haven't checked in yet. Hopefully that'll happen soon, and we can expand our happy little bunch.
  11. I think one is all you need. That's all I remember buying in single player, anyway.
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