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  1. I am on xbox. My gamertags are WSAcanuck and wallstreetamigo. Add me.
  2. Its tougher when there are more than one of them and they are smart enough to come at you from different sides. But its not impossible.
  3. I agree. Let them come to you. Get behind cover like a rock or a tree if possible and pop out to shoot them when they rush you. High ground can help a lot too.
  4. I might be interested. My gamertag is WSAcanuck
  5. I think they need to change it so if you have collected pelts, parts, and a carcass it automatically stays in your inventory if you die. Its too easy for griefers to just wait near the butcher to kill you when you try to sell it. I would also like to see the ability to load up several carcasses onto a wagon to transport to town. Posse money that could be used to buy a wagon and horses would be cool.
  6. I am on xbox. Pacific time and am usually on during the days. My gamertag is WSAcanuck. Anyone can feel free to add me. Am a pretty experienced player who started with rdr1. I have a persistent posse called The Widowmakers that I use to do missions, etc as a posse.
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