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  1. Haven't been here in a while. But today is THE DAY!
  2. God of War is coming April 20th.
  3. RDR2 Trailer 2 is now the top story on Rockstar's website. It had not been in this position since it dropped in September. Have in mind that this "top stories" list is manually edited by Rockstar, it's not an algorithm based on clicks. Something is coming.
  4. According to what I have seen people say on GTA Forums and on reddit, most fans agree that Take Two's earnings conference call on February 7th is the cut-off. I agree with that, we should have something before that date. It could be a delay, a release date for Spring, a new trailer, anything. This drought will not last longer than that.
  5. God of War is Game Informer's February cover.
  6. As far as I know, PS4 will not receive exclusive content, it will only receive it first.
  7. Not their thing. All the beta testing will be done inside their studios by people hired by them. Don't count on a single gameplay video on YouTube before the release date. That's how it was with GTA V.
  8. Have you all ever heard of this prodigy?
  9. So people have found another actor that apparently forgot about his NDA. Douglas Taurel has a "recurring role" in Red Redemption II (misspelled). https://www.douglastaurel.com/news/ Or click here in case Rockstar has reached out to him by the time you're reading this http://archive.is/urVLN
  10. Rockstar has never done a beta and likely will not do for Red Dead Redemption 2. Even if this causes some disastrous first days for Red Dead Online. https://www.forbes.com/sites/davidthier/2018/01/09/will-we-see-an-open-beta-for-red-dead-redemption-2/#2b3946eb27d8
  11. Sorry for the late response. I believe Hideo said, in 2016, that the game would release before 2019. The most recent bit of information that can be considered close to a statement regarding a release date is the following:
  12. Great 1h+ analysis of the last trailer by YongYea.
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