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  1. It’s Spring. I’m free roaming in the real world. May check in next fall...if there’s still a player base lol
  2. I’m pretty thin, but I share needles with Shaky so I thought it was that...
  3. Why is this not a forum to discuss Red Dead? I didn’t get salty he did. Also he jumped in like I was talking to him directly I believe I replied to Newton’s post
  4. Yes you are... Um this advertising started just before and after the beta dropped my point was you didn’t see any advertising saying anything about the beta while they marketed Red Dead Redemption 2 also challenge other settlers and much more in this brand new multiplayer story. What did you think that means when you read it? so tell me how would dailies work in your magical unicorn world? if R* didn’t want you to engage in open world combat why are these available outside of pvp modes? because it’s a pvp based game want some more facts
  5. Umm this does count as a reply though...just sayin’
  6. I do. I play many games and I don’t whine about the context if it’s not for me It’s not for me I don’t play are you sure this game is for you maybe you can’t hack it?
  7. Griefing is not pvp it’s being a di*k plain and simple there are ways to fight them off or run if you’re so inclined. lol as far as advertising for the game before and recently after release it promoted the game not the online beta when I play a MMORPG especially one set in the old west I expect gun play... what the online mode is missing is factions. The honour system only dictates who you are to the NPCs good or bad. What separates the players? Why is there no option to be either Law or Outlaw? Then gun interaction between two members of the same faction can’t happen unless they implemented a dueling system. lol the game (story mode) top tag line is “Outlaws For Life” so if we are saying the game should be played as advertised then I guess every time I shoot someone in the open world I’m doing it right.... if you don’t like PvP stay in story mode with Arthur and John...
  8. You do play this game right?
  9. I know of people in game that charge a certain amount of pelts for services like this. I like the idea but if they allowed money transactions between players this could be easily done.
  10. This is a pvp based game passive mode would kill it. What you guys want is a hunting and fishing game I think there are a few of those...
  11. I caved and just bought it... it totally sucks don’t buy it 😉🤥
  12. Like Keane said I doubt they will wipe accounts completely but I do believe the cash that was made will be taken back we shall see.
  13. Yep just saw the cougar train in BW too
  14. Not going to lie I did this glitch although I’d hardly call it an exploit I didn’t get any money or xp for it therefore no progression gained. R* wiped it from my account last update so I can pretty much guarantee it will happen to peoples wallets. go on YouTube there are tons of cheat videos. Use at your own risk *Im a lvl 103 I have 32 gold and ohhh a measly 180 bucks. I’m not exploiting.
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