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  1. I hate people getting copy early like they are special
  2. I pick my copy up at 9 pm today from gamestop I live in central time zone
  3. Same hear got the ultimate edition I'm ready to get into this game and explore it
  4. I'm ready to play this game enough talk and let's get into this world and be outlaws, rustlers, train robbers, bank robbers, fisherman, hunters, gamblers, drinkers, and go get us a whore or two. Since this is a game we can choose do what ever we want with out real world consequences. I'm just damn ready!!!!!!!
  5. The ps3 version was not a evolving online game neither was rdr but it became evolving on ps4 and xbox one even on PC. They could've implemented the same for rdr on those platforms and been making a bunch of money in the process.
  6. I hope your right, rdr online on xbox360 was going strong even on ps4 then boom gta5 imerged then made the jump to ps4 and left rdr out of it all. I honestly think rdr remastered on ps4 4 years ago would have been a good move for the rdr series but that's my opinion.
  7. I'm sure their will be horse killings online I'm not a big fan of it but it's part of game. I hope the atmosphere online won't be the one on gta5 online hopefully we can all respect each other and go about our online experiences without the spiteful little kids ruining our day.
  8. I just hope they put solid work into this game and stays around for a long time like GTA5 online and don't get dummied down to gta5 when it releases. I hope they don't remove the rdr2 online to make room for gta 6 like what happened in rdr1
  9. I hope Rockstar doesn't dummy down Rdr2 so the GTA series gets all the glory, I loved Rdr and wished I could have enjoyed it on ps4. The only reason I bought gta5 is to play a rockstar game till Red dead came back and honestly stopped playing the playstation for 2 years now. I didn't like gta5 and hope they do not dummy down the game.
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