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  1. What's BS? That I couldn't find any for about an hour in the areas where they are normally all over the place? I just used the waxwings as an example but I had the same issue with many animals when I needed them.
  2. I'm part of Arthur's Angels, and we aren't the same as what's being described here. We don't initiate a fight, but we do defend our own when they are attacked. We aren't a vigilante group at all.
  3. Jeromy


    Was wondering what that icon was. Too lazy to look it up.
  4. Oh, I didn't know it was a rule that we shouldn't do it. They aren't walking over me. I'm just taking the fastest way out of the nonsense. It isn't a waste of time if they come charging up to within a few steps of me. Turn around, face them, and welcome them with open arms. I'm dead, back to what I was doing. No fuss, no muss. I do have a life outside of the gaming world which takes up a lot of time. Therefore, whatever time I have for gaming is not time I want to be wasting on BS.
  5. I have things I'm doing and these inconveniences don't need to be dragged out. Let them get their thrill and move on. It's not like I'm losing anything. If they feel their are exerting dominance over someone who is allowing them to kill them, or get a thrill out of it, so be it. Glad I could give them an ego boost. Personally, I wouldn't see any challenge in it or feel like it was some great accomplishment, but whatever.
  6. My definition of griefer hunting is coming into the game with the goal of searching out griefers. I don't know if that is what the OP meant. Defending yourself once you're attacked by a griefer is not hunting imo.
  7. Jeromy


    Isn't there someone you can go see and pay to change your honor?
  8. I think the dreamcatcher one is a glitch. I played the SP all the way through twice, found all dreamcatchers and solved it but it was never removed from the list either time. When I click on that mission it is showing that it was solved.
  9. -2 in the mountains, 100 around the swamps.
  10. It seems to me when you need to find something for a challenge, they program it for those things to be really hard to find. I know I would see Cedar Waxwings in groups flying over me every few minutes in certain areas. When I needed to get one, none to be found. Took me about an hour of real time to finally find one.
  11. News flash for griefers: Today I have adopted a new strategy for dealing with you. I know you want me to react to you, or get upset and fight back, but from here on I will walk up to you, look right at you with no weapon in my hands and let you kill me. Let's just get it over with quickly so I can continue on with my business. I'm not going to waste time or ammo fighting you. You'll be big and bad by killing someone who is allowing you to do it. Look for me when you're on. Enjoy!
  12. I was a bit worried that no posse would accept a low level player since it would be like them having to change diapers on a baby constantly. But that's not the case. They have been extremely helpful and told/taught me some things I didn't realize, even after playing the SP through twice.
  13. They are just giving thoughts. Some people are better at saying things than others. It also seems strange to me that someone with the word "moderator" in their box would be in a forum talking about the users in a judgmental way or implying they are stupid. I don't think users can get away with that, nor should they.
  14. As someone who started playing on-line not too long ago, I'm beginning to enjoy it. I just got to level 20. I joined a posse, one that is not an aggressor that goes around shooting people for no reason. Being the one with the lowest level, I still get randomly killed by people even when I'm with the posse. My character really isn't strong enough and doesn't have most of the really powerful weaponry so I'm an easy target. However, the way our posse works, you shoot or kill one of us, then you need to deal with all of us. So, it's nice being with people who have my back. I will eventually get to a level where I will be big and bad like them. lol. But it's not like you lose anything by being killed. Just respawn and go back to whatever you were doing. Other than being killed every so often, the posse way is extremely enjoyable to me. We all have mics and talk and have laughs together. We have people from all over the world. The other night we had a lady from Norway who was with us. I've also met some people from Great Britain and Australia and there is one from France that I haven't met yet. Before now, I never played anything on-line. I doubt I'll play anything but RDR2 on-line, but I'm glad I gave it a try.
  15. Exactly. Also, if your aggression changed or your blip changed color, it takes a while before you can use defensive mode.
  16. "He says 'How the hell am I supposed to shoot things while on a horse". And I told him. "Calm down, slow down, stop then shoot.. OR ride as fast as you can and just blind fire'. " I was reading an article the other day about how Hollywood westerns made shooting from a moving horse look so easy when in reality it is exceptionally hard to hit something from a moving horse.
  17. Neither is the way it's done in game. Shooting should be difficult, not as easy as it is.
  18. C20Dragon.....you're signature is hilarious!
  19. Did you know the notorious "killer" Billy the Kid killed only 9 people in his life? Jesse James plus his gang were involved in 20 deaths but 7 were dudes from his own gang. All these outlaws were primarily robbers. Also, they did not shoot in the back if it could be helped. That was really frowned on and looked at as cowardly. I had one person watching me the other day, and I was keeping an eye on her, and so was the rest of the posse I was in. The second I turned my back, even with the rest of the posse standing there, she killed me and took off. Cowardly. The rest of the posse did catch her and kill her. She respawned and hung around but the way our posse works, if you don't bother us, we won't bother you so we didn't bother with her any more. Also, horses were not purposely targeted. Those that did get killed were accidental. They are not easy to kill while running. But people on here will shoot the horse out from under you intentionally because they aren't able to shoot you while you're mounted and moving (if you're playing defensive, people can't lock onto you). Cowards. Personally, I think if you want "reality", do away with the dead eye, auto-lock on, and marking and make people have to shoot the way real people do. Let's see how much of the stuff that goes on in-game would still be happening. If you want it in single player story mode, fine. But if you want a "realistic" world with other human players, just do away with them. To compare today's killer with those back then is not accurate. The morals today, or lack thereof, are completely different than back then, for one. Unsolved murders are not the same as murders for no reason.
  20. It is ridiculous that you can't fish without someone up on a cliff sniping you for no reason whatsoever. For those that argue that this is reality, no it isn't. In the real world wild west, no one, including outlaws, went around shooting someone without a reason. Innocent bystanders or people minding their own business were not targets for killing. Robberies, yes. Shooting, no, unless they didn't cooperate.
  21. Personally, I don't care if my name gets thrown out there in a forum. I'm an adult and things like that don't bother me in the least. But rules are rules.
  22. Too bad about the naming rules. Cheaters should be called out so others can avoid them.
  23. Aren't thoughts where ideas come from? Can't someone else run with a thought and improve on it? Isn't that the entire idea behind forums? One of his ideas I agree with 100%. I would also like to begin a game when I log back in at the same place I was when I left. Does this mean I don't know what's best for me or the game?
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