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  1. Well that should help take care of that off-putting detergent smell.
  2. One pot meals, slow cooker stuff, yogurt, desserts, cook meats from frozen, just lots of things. So are washing machines, but I'm not going back to cleaning my clothes in the crick out back. For the record, I had my manservant type this.
  3. So don't get a rice cooker. Get an instant pot. Still does rice. AND SO MUCH MORE! Uhhhhhh.... "It's ok, some of my best friends are rice brands."
  4. I'll second that. Once I got an appliance designed for cooking rice, I went from having a household that didn't really like rice to one that looks forward to it
  5. This seems like the best place to announce this. I just had a Cincinnati 3-way in my office, and it... ...was... ...AMAZING!
  6. Chastity belt, huh? Yeah, so many parents make the mistake of waiting too long to buy a new model after their lads outgrow the kid's size. See if your mom and dad will let you drill a pee hole, so you don't have to do so much folding. Pro tip: make sure they take it off first.
  7. Boy band from the turn of the century.
  8. I'd try it... If I was into IPAs. I don't bear the guys Ill-will. Their biggest hit was one of the darkest songs set to one of the peppiest tunes. It rivals "Hey Jealousy" for most depressing single in the '90s/early '00s pop-rock radio that you could still tap your feet to. It's a narrow category, but an important one
  9. To be clear, for the uninitiated. We're talking about these guys: Not these guys:
  10. One of my favorite memories from my kids' early childhood is jamming out to the radio with them and then, when the song ended, hearing a little voice from the back ask, "What aren't they going to take anymore, Daddy?" Somewhere in my attic, there is a Polaroid of me in 3rd or 4th grade with my best friend at the time wearing our Karate Kid pajamas and posing in mid-fight stances. To maximize product placement, you can see my GI Joe underwear through the cheap pajama pants. Yeah. I'll karate you.
  11. Oh I can do yours, too, if you want: "I crafted my username in part (obviously) as a Sly nod to the structure of Apollo Creed, as a character in the Rocky series. Apollo has earned every accreditation he has through hard work and skill, but by the time we meet him in the Rocky series, his dedication has begun to slip somewhat. Where he should make short work of a street thug that he dragged up to a pedestal, he opts not to dedicate the proper time and energy to training, expecting his skill to carry him through the fight, and shifts his focus to putting on a show. Only narrowly defeating Rocky in their first fight, Apollo takes the lesson to heart when we see him again in Rocky II, and he fully devotes himself to proper training, determined to prove that Rocky's surprising challenge in the previous fight was a fluke. However, he forgets this lesson in time for Rocky IV and again leans on his skill and showmanship to the detriment of proper training and respect for his opponent. In making this mistake again, it proves to be fatal, and Apollo dies as a result of his arrogance (ancient spoiler alert). That portion of the name choice stands as a reminder to me not to take myself too seriously, to learn from my mistakes, and to ensure that I apply the proper attention to the things that need it. The 'Bro' part acknowledges that though I have worked hard to get where I am, I can't pretend that I don't at least benefit somewhat from the Bro culture I find myself in. This helps keep me humble and ensures that unlike Apollo, I don't overlook the value of my advantages, at the expense of hard work. Also beer is nice." And now the trite version of mine: I like hair metal and having fun. The first time I used "Nothin But A Good Time" as a username, it was two letters too long, so I chopped off the vowels in "Nothin" figuring that word would be the easiest to decipher without vowels. Occasionally hearing someone call me Nathan over a game microphone reminds me that I was wrong. My name is not Nathan...or anything close to it.
  12. Mine is lifted from the refrain of a piece by a poetry collective formed in the waning years of the prior century which was comprised of Dall, Deville, Michaels, Rockett, Bombilla, and Carretero. The verses depict both the lament and joy of the working class man as he devotes the entirety of his days to grinding labor whilst he dreams of the release of celebration upon his work's end. While not explicit in the wording, one can draw the implication that the desired recreation achieved as a result of the intensity of his toil is only sweetened by the stark contrast between the dueling yet collaborative tasks. My choice to select from this composition reflects my own elation upon the arrival of the time where I can lay down my burdens and responsibilities, and can bask in the abandon of my choice of diversionistic pursuits. Additionally, I desired to illustrate my intent to focus on joviality and ribaldry, when employing the selected username, and shy away from more sobering points of focus. The choice to remove the vowels from the first word, both the O and the I, was my cheeky attempt to separate my use of the verse as a name from the British influences on the culture preceding and proceeding from the era from which it was derived, by having the chant of "oi" excised from the conversation. Though I can appreciate the value of and enjoy those Anglo-centric artists, I chose to celebrate the distinctly American brashness that accompanied the artists at that time.
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