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  1. It sounds like you were simply doing a lot of free roam stuff and didn't hit a save area. Is it possible stable upkeep and camp fees still get deducted even when offline?
  2. I would say that is the classy way of building character attachment. I like scenes in movies or games like that. However, this is a R* game. I want an old timey whorehouse with poker games and bar fights. Walk into the wrong room and enjoy a silly interaction. I don't want to watch pixels doing the deed per se, but owning a brother to make more money for my posse would be nice. Besides, F13 single player challenges satiated that curiosity.
  3. There go my dreams off running a classy brothel for all the 49ers and farm hands. Sorry boys.
  4. Enter an outpost like Ravenous. Have to solve a murder mystery. Figure out who the cannibal is. I do hope for some sort of ghost town experience. Whereas I am cool with zombies, they did already do that and Borderlands, and Call of duty, etc. I would enjoy something a bit more Lovecraftian.
  5. That really would change the entire vibe of it. I will have to check if any of my versions have that commentary track and remove the audio. Did you guys see the interview with Carpenter where he says "that's how they get you. They record audio with Debra, myself, jamie, whoever. Then sell it to you again. That's how they get you"? He also said he didnt like his original. It was way too slow and he thought "what was I doing? There is jo action"
  6. I am a long time horror fan. I saw it opening Friday. Personally, I think its a solid reboot. I went in with real low expectations as I typically hate reboots and remakes. A lot of homage. Cool dark camera shots like the first one and reminiscent of the chase scene in Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Like so dark and gritty you could barely tell what was happening. At times it walked the line of "cool nod or homage to the original series" and "quit trying to replicate and be your own". I dont want to give away too much but I will say that I enjoyed it a lot. I actually just got this in the mail yesterday.
  7. Just wanted to say thanks for the contest and can't wait to discuss our western adventures in this community! Thanks!
  8. Dog food. @Benjo is Argento a reference to the Italian horror director?
  9. Pegamento. It means glue in Spanish, and sounds awesome. Otherwise Sleipnir after Odin's horse. Maybe Whiskey Transport.
  10. Appreciate that! Unfortunately I do not have PS neither. Appreciate the art though and would be something I would have tried to use for some videos. Nice job!
  11. Out of curiosity, how did you know it was a spambot? What details gave it away and such. Funny how Dan left Ubisoft and their terrible forums to go work at another misled community. Poor fellow. I also enjoy the "damned if you do" argument of - don't make new topics on certain issues, but dont necro old threads. @Truth I never unlocked that achievement. That was back when I was more of a heathen over there.
  12. Cheats and glitches are awesome on old games. After all, who here has beat Contra without the Konami code? I try to think of how they ruin the other players' spare time when playing MP though. Its one thing if a group gets together to find or play with them. Its disrespectful to be malicious with the advantage though.
  13. I still cannot get over that fabulous choreographing. If that was the take they kept, what did it look like before?
  14. I just learned the other day they made an IPA called MmmmmHops. My head still hurts from this news. @Truth consider yourself lucky. 1/4 men in their mid to late thirties questioned if they were gay because they had on a crush on the middle one, and found out it was a dude.
  15. There is a movie called Slap Shot starring Paul Newman. There are 3 brothers that play as "goons" and call it "old time hockey". They basically commit every penalty in the book to the highest degree. TheHansonBrothers was taken so I chose the Goons part. Old time hockey. Like Eddie Shore
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