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  1. The Evans is the best repeater in the game ATM, IMHO. But between the Lancaster and the Litchfield, the Lancaster would be my go-to. The Litchfield does substantially more damage (and it's a really good-looking gun to boot), but it's wildly inaccurate. All the damage in the world is pointless if you aren't hitting your target.
  2. "You'll also have the opportunity to set up your own underground Bar serving your own shine, with customizable d├ęcor and the option to add a country band complete with dance floor to entertain your friends and clientele." Red Dead is getting nightclubs like GTA... Didn't see that coming at all. I am excited.
  3. I've seen several since the update. I've yet to engage one, though. If they keep their distance, then I keep mine.
  4. This. Once you unlock the shovel and the skill that makes your controller vibrate when you're near a collectible, and you will literally find stuff everywhere. You'll be riding around doing other work and you'll just find stuff. Everywhere. Plus, LOOT EVERY SINGLE BODY YOU MAKE. You'll frequently find coins, liquor, all kinds of collectibles on them.
  5. Agreed 100%. I run Strange Medicine as my final card when I simply don't want to die ever. When I want to not die, but also inflict crazy damage while not dying, I run Gunslinger's Choice or Peak Performance.
  6. I wondered the same thing. I maxed out the Outlaw Pass in no time by simply playing the game. I made no effort whatsoever. But, I think most people that are a member of this forum, or are on any dedicated FB pages all maxed out the pass/roles in no time. There's probably nothing they could add that a dedicated player with time on his hands couldn't/wouldn't blow through. But the casual fans and the irregular players are probably still trying to level up.
  7. That first part is fair. Commendable, even. But that second part... It's a "try and take it" button to you, but in a lot of cases, it's an "I could really use this extra $125" button for them. Again, do you, but I'ma pass.
  8. I got the distinct impression that you enjoyed stealing peoples' wagons. And that there wasn't anything inherently "wrong" with killing/robbing players that were minding their own business. Which made no sense at all from a moral/logical standpoint.
  9. With all due respect, the last post I made, in which I replied to two people, never showed up. I assumed it was deleted because it was the same time the warning was posted. I stand corrected. EDIT: Actually, never mind. I see both posts now.
  10. That's literally what my post said before it got deleted. It keeps the game fun for players like me, but I can see how it's very not fun for players that want to play in peace. My only point was play the game however you choose, but acknowledge that it's your choice. Players defend their right to play a certain way, but get upset when you point out that their being antagonistic without provocation. If that's how you choose to play, then own it. Don't blame R*.
  11. Ooh. We're making progress now. So you acknowledge that antagonistic players are "the bad", then?
  12. My teachers said I was special too. That said, you insist that robbing other players doesn't constitute being an asshole because the game allows it or tells you to or whatever. You get enjoy doing asshole things. That's why you make the conscious decision to do them. Own it. Don't blame R* for the decisions you make. You're not "wrong" for playing within the rules of the game, but it's still decidedly antagonistic. An. NPC is a bot programmed to perform a specific task. You are a sentient being choosing to **** with other players. Big difference. Again, it's not wrong, but it's dickish. And yes, I enjoyed it. I play peacefully at all times. I enjoy it when other players give me a legit reason to kill them. You guys are like Scarface. Bad guys. The game needs people like you. Unprovoked hostility keeps the game interesting.
  13. "Asshole" was your word, not mine, bro. That said, the game allows and encourages you to hunt and sell your own animals. The game encourages you to do all sorts of banal free roam events. The game encourages you to buy gold bars. You choose your own actions. "Well, the game told me to..." is a weak excuse. When your credit card bill shows up with PSN charges for gold bars, are you gonna tell your mom/wife/whoever "The game allowed and encouraged those purchases"? You do what you do because you choose to, not because you have to. Own it, Mr. Asshole. How is it a di*k move to take something someone has worked hard for? Is that what you're asking? I'm not implying that deliveries should be smooth sailing or uncontested. I know the risk every time I set out, and I've yet to lose a delivery to other players despite their best efforts. But any player is a di*k for trying.
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