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  1. Immeadetly pull out you knife, cut the lasso, use the shotgun as most Griefers with rope are stuck in animation. Laugh at their futility to grief.
  2. Has any caught a 6lb XXoz or higher? 5lb 15oz seems to be the limit on Fishing- Bass, trout, and salmon.
  3. I agree with poggy! His list is great.
  4. I see you can buy a pocket watch from the catalog with gold, then I believe sell it to the fence for cash.
  5. A good overview, range time, and some historyby hickok45
  6. Same problem here, can’t break down fish from horse inventory. The button is there, but is doing nothing on PS4.
  7. A walker colt, for horse carry at close range.
  8. I like the Schofield in one hand and a cattleman in another. After maxed in features and ammo the edge of one over the other appears minimal, at least to me, but then again I’m old and senile . The Schofield seems better cosmetically, but that’s just choice. I’d like to see the 45 cal slug they throw stagger opponents more and the ‘snap’ of auto-aim be quicker at close range. If you have ever swung a rolling block 45/70 or 45/90 at something close range you’d understand why.
  9. I believe you have that incorrect. The Schofield, even the Uberti remakes of today, are faster to unload than a cattleman. They were break top and all six rounds come tinkeling out. I believe it’s intent was for calvery, but they still unloaded faster.
  10. I have yet to find a treasure map, though my RNG is notoriously bad.
  11. Perhaps we could ‘earn’ nicknames.... holy Hanna I see your point. That could be catastropheous “two fingers” y3arm0ther or ninjasplif “slim”..... omg.
  12. Finally happened to me lake fishing last night. Small mouth snapped it as I got to aggressive at the lake near strawberry. It was a lure from the swamp vendor and not a catalog one, but I was actually glad to see it can happen. Thanks for all who responded.
  13. I forgot cigarette cards, that was definatly a good mini game. And music, that would be great to see tune in radio add-in so we can all listen to the most recent episode of ‘free range folk’ as we spend the afternoon fishing. along with the voice would be nice to actually add a verbal greeting aside from shaking your hand like your trying to rid your digits of a nose goblin.
  14. They are small, nearly insignificant but I miss these small items online. 1- bullets in the gun belt. I am sure this is probibly a rendering consideration, but in story mode it was really cool to actually see ammunition in your gun belt instead of being empty. I miss that here online. 2- bandolier. See number 1. Some of them looked quite bad, but others were actually well done. Added to the fact they were linked to progress unlocks was also very cool. Miss that denoting a player online who you can recognize has spent time unlocking, like the buckles. 3- hats with feathers. I was hopping for a way to distinguish hard core hunters. Miss that online.
  15. When on your horse or even on the ground pressing down on the right stick (PS4) will pan the camera to show what’s behind you.
  16. Noticed last night that my attempt at ‘winter’ clothing have me the ‘overheat’ (or whatever it’s called) debug/core drain last night as I zoned into tumbleweed.
  17. Meh, wake me up when we’re not on beta. Someone will pay none virtual currency for shiny gold revolvers.... it just won’t be this cow-poke.
  18. I have broke lines on bass in story mode, being more aggressive online has not produced the same result. I am wondering if there is a difference because some lures now cost gold (river for example) I have also heard of rumors of lines breaking in online mode. I just haven’t heard from anyone that has said yeah that happened to me.
  19. During the solo story mode you could easily break a fishing line when getting to aggressive with reeling when the fish was struggling. In online play after unlocking the fishing pole and spending 1 gold on a river lure I have yet to see my line break, and I have been testing some serious aggressive reeling and direction when the fish struggles. Please don’t get me wrong I like the fact I haven’t lost a very expensive lure, but I also have been just fishing in the rivers for bass and salmon. Has the lines been breaking in other locations like the lakes up north where you can land a 19lb+ Muskie? Or maybe the Pickrell south of st Dennis? Please advise.
  20. I found only one last night. Well, found is dependent on your point of view. Everything has been cleared and looted , the leaders body was still there but the icon had not cleared. I have seen this before, but now it seems this is also on top of an extremely low respawn rate.
  21. First step, avoidance. If you hear gunshots in town people are probably not firing into the air celebrating. Move on to another location. When a person singles you out in the wilderness and you are not retaliating then IMO that’s trollimg/griefing. Being this is beta I have little hope for a report function. On PS4 I go directly to their profile and block them. In other games I have played this prevents me from queuing to the same lobby, I am not sure if RDR2 works the same way, but so far I have been luck enough not to cross the path of a griefer more than initial contact. Parlay when it’s the one guy in town sniping from the rooftop. It’s not Worth your time or aggravation. Your mic can be a good tool, especially when fishing. There are a lot of people doing the same as you, let them know or join in a posse. Not everyone riding in your Vicinity wants to head shot you.
  22. I wish I knew about MrBossFTW earlier. He seems to make videos every day. I seem to pick a tip or place to explore or thing to do each week. https://www.youtube.com/user/MrBossFTW
  23. I have both the Garand and a original SOCOM16. The M1A makes it to the range more, but the Garand is a sentimental favorite. Original M2 ball is a little more sparse than the 7.62x51(.308). The weight is definatly noticeable, but I drive to the range and don’t need to hike there with a full pack.
  24. “You be William Money outa Missouri, killer of women and children.” - little bill, unforgiven.
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