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  1. oh crap! i just found out that the poison arrows are limited to 8 😕
  2. i have the recipe since a few weeks ago, i have 23 oleanders, 40 arrows and hundreds of feathers but the option to craft poison arrows disappeared from the craft menu. i tried to read again the recipe, i went to fencer try to buy another, i restarted the game many times, i even did a reset to the settings, but nothing brings it back again. i already crafted lots of poison arrows, but i only have 8 left now and i'd like to craft more. is there a craft limit of poison arrows? is it supposed to disappear after reaching 40% of the game?
  3. is there any use for masks on story or is it just cosmetic? i've been trying train robbery with masks, i always manage to get away fast and they never even see me, but in the end i always get a bounty, they always know who was behind the mask even if i go with new clothes and a new horse. it seems to have absolutely the same effect of the bandana.
  4. NeKryXe

    improved arrows

    how do i get the recipe for improved arrows on RDR2 online? i already bought the bow but i can't figure out how to get the pamphlet since there's no fence online.
  5. NeKryXe

    save online

    what's the fastest way to save the game online? i know that quitting saves the game, but it's slow on my system to quit and relaunch just to save the game. is there any action in that forces the game to save so we don't lose everything on a crash or when we are removed from the game due to a server problem?
  6. looks like meanwhile it started working again but i only noticed yesterday. weird thing
  7. it's probably the most bugged save in game that i remember in the last 20 years. it's horrible! not only the autosave is a total trash like you described, but it also misses the correct position and action save. when i load a game usually it launches in a completely different position. the damn thing doesn't even saves the camp when you save the game on the camp. it's really really horrible and extremely bugged. i'm only tolerating all the bugs and crashs because the game in single player is amazing. unfortunately the online mode is impossible to play due the lack of save. the online game is always crashing and RDR2 online is the only online game i know that doesn't keep track of the player position or at least let him save the game -- online is so hideous that makes everything bad in story looks great!
  8. oh! i see... i imagined that but since i was able to completely explore blackwater i had some doubts. in that case it's better to keep it unknown for later anyway thanks.
  9. i've been playing only side missions for days on chapter 2 (i decided to not do more main quests for a while) and i decided to explore all the map. i managed to explore all black water without much trouble, i even hunted and picked pelts while i was being hunted ...but then i started to explore new austin but looks like there's snipers or something there that kill me in one shot. is there any ideas on how to explore new austin while marked as dead or alive?
  10. they did a wonderful job with the auto-tagging in the game, not only it is perfect for player who just want to enjoy the adventure without much action but also a great feature for some players with reduced mobility. they really did great! -- and then, after one mission in the beginning of the game... they killed it. this is beyond stupid! asking for the auto-tag is not like asking for something that doesn't exist in the game, it exists, it is great for some people and for some mission, but they just show that it is possible and then remove it.
  11. agree. i don't use much the dead eye when hunting, except for birds. but the auto tag is great to clean hideouts, for example. i can't understand why it can't be an option.
  12. anyone found out already how to disable the damn unwanted and forced updates on PC? the game was ok on release and every single stupid update makes it worst, also, all the updates ruin my settings. after every update i need to completely reconfigure the damn. i really love the game but i can't stand rockstar way of work. i already abandoned the multiplayer mode because it is unbearable, i just wan't to play the single player as released without updates and the settings saved.
  13. oh! i was talking about the story. looks like i posted on the online thread by mistake 😕
  14. you mean... downgraded ...but that's it. looks like i did that mission to fast. anyway, i was able to restore an old save from a few days ago before the "Pouring Forth Oil mission" and i decided to not do anymore missions in the game and enjoy the open world. i don't like shooter games, so the auto-targeting is perfect for me to do the shooting parts fast and continue enjoying the game. i'll continue the missions when they fix this. the game is amazing with auto-targeting
  15. yes. that's it. i saw a video on PS with those crosses marking enemies automatically just by passing the pointer through them. i think it worked for me in a few missions but i probably disabled it by mistake and i can't figure out how to activate it.
  16. i saw a video of someone on PS able to auto tag enemies using the dead eye. i searched if it was also possible on pc but couldn't fin an answer correct answer. i read something about clicking on Q on dead eye but it doesn't work on my system. i'm almost in the middle of the single player, i'd really like to know it to use when there's a lot of enemies. is it really possible to use auto tag or is it some cheat?
  17. what about the marker? did you find out how the marker works now?
  18. and now it crashes offline for people that didn't have problems offline before. btw... how can i disable the updates when i get again a stable version for my system?
  19. i'm aware of that. the problem is that since yesterday when i go to the menu and select the fishing rod it says that cannot be equipped. so, i can't even equip the rod.
  20. i was able to use the fishing rod one time but then i always get the message "fishing rod cannot be equipped here". i even tried next to rivers and even in the middle of water and the message is always the same. i know that i still have bait and i'm not in any mission, so... how do i select the fishing rod? (on PC)
  21. i just tested it. amazing! thanks a lot. i would never guess that
  22. i have the same RAM as you have and also the same NVMe, but on a i7 7700 2.8 with a geforce 1060. playing at 1080p. after the update all my settings were changed automatically to low, and i was playing at high with ultra textures. now it lags when i set as it was before.
  23. i would prefer to restore the previous version. i already quit the multiplayer and i wasn't having any trouble with the game on single player. this update drastically reduced the performance on single player and ruined the use of the map. it should be faster to restore the game to the way it was before this update but i don't know how. looks like everybody is having the same problem and it was already reported. i just hope that they release an update removing this update.
  24. funny! i wasn't having any trouble with the waypoint and after the update i'm no longer able to point where i want, it became random, i pick a place and the waypoint appear somewhere else totally different and even in the opposite direction. nice way to fix something that wasn't a problem by killing it oh! they killed the marker too! LOL
  25. better quit the online game anyway, or use it only to play poker. since my last message rockstar disconnected me two more times with that error 0x20010006, and everytime they stole all my stored pelts. the game is great but it's not ready to play on pc.
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