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    black rain

    Bah! nevermind. the error 0x20010006 returned. i'm no longer able to play again.
  2. NeKryXe

    black rain

    The rain in the game was great before the naturalist update, but now it's just black lines and back dots. It's really weird. I tried everything I could at my end but the game never looked as good as before the update. I have windows and all drivers updated, but the rain is always black. This only happens in RDR and it started only after the naturalist update. Anyone knows if there's a way to fix this at our end?
  3. humm... that's how i remember the moonshine shack. anyway, i decided to not pay again for a moonshine shack and wait to return when the game is more stable or we get new content.
  4. since i started playing this game i always had lots and lots of problems with the camp, it was so hard to set it that i end up quitting the game. lately i've been trying to return the game and found out that the camp no longer works at all, so i was just trying to play without it, but now, even the moonshine shack disappears. in the case of the moonshine shack it is easy to place it again, but i need to pay $250 every time that rockstar deletes my camp from the game. it's way too expensive to keep paying it. so... is there any way to avoid the moonshine shack to disappear? or a cheap way to set it again? i always place mine in Bayou Nwa... will it remains longer in another region? btw... i didn't enter the moonshine shack for a fiew of days. is that the reason why rockstar removes it from my account?
  5. Looks like rokstar decided to disable more features on the Player Menu, the Daily Challenges are gone. Anyone knows anything about there plans and why they keep removing so many things from the online game? also... are they doing this to everyone or only to some random accounts?
  6. I'd love to be able to play the game. I still check it from time to time to see if it's already playable. But unfortunately looks like rockstar just wanted to get the money and don't care at all about the game.
  7. I don't have a Twitter account. but I'll check here to know when to return to the game again. thanks
  8. btw... most of the problems i have in the game is on the Player Menu, by the "L" key by default. It's very very hard to open that menu, sometimes I have to click the key for minutes until it open. at first I thought that my keyboard was damaged, but it's not, it's really a bug. using the Player Menu is actually impossible to set a camp... but sometimes i see some players with a camp. so... is there any way to set a camp not using the Player Menu?
  9. Well... I was missing RDR, today I tried to return to the game but I just found out that it's still impossible to set a camp and all the other stuff that never worked still don't work. looks like we'll have to wait more time to play this. I was just wondering if there's any planned update to fix some of the vital features of the game.
  10. humm... so it's probably some account related problem. i noticed that there are already animals on the game, that's good, but the camps are no longer working in my account and the now i need to hold L for a long long time for the menu to appear, and the frame rate now is terrible, without changing any hardware, but about that i guess i need to lower my settings. maybe it's better for me to wait for another update before return. thanks.
  11. I know that we always had a lot of trouble setting camps, but i've been away from the game for more than one month, i returned a couple of days ago and i noticed that we are no longer able to even select a camp now. so, i was wondering... did rockstar finally removed the camps from the game? what's going on?
  12. Recently I bought the Large Delivery Wagon, but I already owned the Medium one. Now, both wagons appear for selection on Wilderness Outfitters menu, but for some weird reason i'm not being able to select the Medium one. I just bought the Large Wagon because it was on sale, but i have no interest in use it, i prefer to use the Medium one. i've been able to change most camp items on Wilderness Outfitters menu, but the wagons are no working, How do i change the Delivery Wagon?
  13. well... i'd love to be able to remove the watch from the wheel. i activated it by mistake and now seems that there's no way to get rid of it.
  14. interesting. i'm going to try that. i wasn't aware that when a horse dies it changed the place on stable.
  15. i really need to change the order of my horses in stable, because when my main horse dies the one that comes to replace is always the wrong one. i've been trying this for a while but i'm not finding a way. maybe there's a way editing some setting files or something. anyone knows any trick to solve this?
  16. i didn't notice that and i always have tons of small carcasses and pelts on the satchel. but most bugs in this game are different to everyone, that's why this game will never be fixed. in my case, for example, i can't store medium animal carcasses on the hunting wagon, because it stop counting as a medium animal carcass and i have absolutely no way to remove a carcass from the wagon, i can just store there or delete. it's a ultra bugged game.
  17. i remember that on story a couple of Potent Health Cure was enough to cure a snake bite, but online it doesn't seem to work in the same way. i already used about 5 Potent Health Cure, a Special Health Cure and a Potent Miracle Tonic, but nothing seems to have any effect. so... how does it work online? do i just wait for the poison to wear off or is there any other way?
  18. yes! seems to be working now but it was clearly something at rockstar end. they always lie in their replies, it's impressive how hateful they are 😕
  19. WOW! " Verify game file integrity". really!!??? this guys are the worst 😕
  20. that twitter account seems dead since Dec 17, 2019
  21. i already did that... so many times. that and the integrity verification. one time i managed to reach the menu, but then when i tried to start the game i got a lot of different errors that i never even saw before. UPDATE: i managed to access the game right now, but for the online mode there's only the option to launch on free roam, and it doesn't work, and on story mode they don't allow me to save. so, I guess it was just luck to reach the menu, but the game isn't yet activated
  22. interesting. it appeared as "pre-purchased" at my end a few times today too. i'm sorry for you trouble, but i'm more relieved to know that i'm not alone with this problem. maybe there are really a new problem at rockstar end.
  23. i found a few tips on youtube about this, they say to delete the profile. i already did that but nothing changes. meanwhile i've been waiting on a chat to rockstar support for hours but they keep me in queue without an answer. while waiting i've been trying everything i can, from deleting all setting files to integrity verification, but i continue to get "activation required" message 😕 i also checked a few forums and facebook but i don't see anyone talking about it. so, i guess that the activation wasn't lost in many accounts.
  24. i bought RDR2 on pre-order on the rockstar site, and i've been playing it since release. i didn't care much about activating it because i was launching from the rockstar launcher and I assumed that it would be ok. unfortunately today they blocked the games and they are asking for an activation and i have no idea how to do that. i already contacted rockstar but usually they take more than 2 months to reply. so... if anyone knows what to do to activate the game, it would be a great help. i already searched my emails and i think that i never received any activation code or instructions to activate the game 😕 btw, i checked my internet connection, tried with 3 different routers and confirmed on my ISP that they are not blocking rockstar games.
  25. i'm not being very lucky getting animals on legendary bounty missions, and sometimes i'm unable to call the wagon, that's why i'm searching for alternatives. but i'll try yukon nik. thanks
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